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Former SSF Members (Petawawa) 1977-1995

I taught a few combat Int courses in Pet. The RCD were always well represented. Always did well. I was always impressed by their turn out and attitude. Damn fine unit.
I was a Radio Operator 211 attached to the HQ and Signals Sqn from 1979 - 1982 then transferred to the 1 RCR in London until I got out in 1984.
Also former member of the Intelligence Section from 1981 to 1986, known as Tonto, great times with the Bridage, great section, some strange characters, you have to be a little nuts to be an intop, Merry Christmas all, Tonto
IntOps nuts? Nah.... lol. Just a little loony tunes...  :blotto:
Thank you for reaching out.
I was posted at C.F.B. Petawawa when it changed over to become SSF.  I was a member of 2 SVC Battalion and went into training for the new adjustment of becoming Canada's elite force SSF.
The training was rigid and demanding but necessary.  I was proud to be a member of the SSF and I still am proud as a veteran.  We were on the edge, ready and we welcomed the opportunity to serve when it involved helping another human being.
You never lose your training and to this day I remember and would be prepared to protect.  However, I am older now and my ability to run 1.5 miles in less than 10 minutes is not quite in what you might call "qualified" to meet the standard of the day then.  But, I know with my mental capability I would certainly give it a good go to meet the qualifying time today.
My mind is still ready, but my body is older and tired.  A few injuries over the years also have caused limitations now.  Regardless I can push beyond the limits of pain if I was required too.  Especially if it involved saving a life or helping a person in crisis or conflict.  The quote, "Once a soldier, Always a soldier" applies very profoundly I might add. 
Do the other former members of the SSF still feel like they can contribute even though their bodies are older and less agile so to speak?  Do world events and crisis cause you to be on edge and ready?
Peace, C.
Not sure if anyone else watched this last night, but the American Heroes Channel had the Black Devils documentary on and they put alot of focus on the Canadians.  Worth finding if you havent.

I just jumped in at Normandy for the 70th anniversay of D Day - they still love our jump smocks over there.  :D
I was a Radio Technician with 2 Signals Squadron in 1976 and was on the inception parade for the SSF in 1977 when the SSF HQ & SIGS was born. I left SSF HQ & SIGS in 1978. Fond memories. Especially when we beat the Airborne Regiment at the ranges on the SMG team.  :salute:

My brother Duane Robert Finlay served in the SSF, Airborne and with the Dragoons (Van Doos). I dont have a lot of info on him as he took his own life after he got out of the service. I am wondering if his name rings a bell with anyone on here and if you could give me any info or stories on him.
He was one hell of a brother and I never did get to talk to him about his service as I was fairly young when he passed.

Thank you all for your service, I have nothing but the utmost respect.