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FOR SALE: Dop Zone 64 Pack Pouch


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Hey all,

I offered to sell this before, but at the time, there were no takers. I'm selling the *main bag* from the drop zone tactical 64 pack set-up.

The main bag retails for $240. I offer the bag, brand-new, for $150 or best offer.

I look forward to hearing from you,

The pack is OD, and I don't believe there's a public cadpat version yet, although i hear that DZ is working on making them. Nonetheless, as the bag is modular, and cadpad pouches can be added, the OD should be made practically invisible by these additions.


Is it bigger than the issue 64 pattern bag? If so by how much?
To be honest, I don't know the specs of the regular back, so I can't say. However, the website, www.dropzonetactical.com likely has all the info that you desire. Let me know if you're interested,