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For Sale Bush-Craft Pack


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Actually a USGI Woodland Camo Medium ALICE Pack.  This is a favourite amoungst Bushcrafters, very vogue in the hobby.  This pack is woodland camo, with an unissued USGI frame, a SPECOps HUMP Waterbladder carrier in Woodland camo, "Vermont Barre" Add a Pouch system considering of a top mounted pouch, 2 small side mounted pouches and 1 long side mounted pouch, all in Woodland camo.  It has USGI Woodland camo shoulder straps with chest strap.  The waist belt is the older LC1 type with the power cinch pull straps, clip in belt and kidney pad; in olive.  As with all ALICE packs the two outside pockets allow an axe or other pole mounted tools to be slipped in behind the pocket securely.  A very well appointed ALICE.  $150 plus the shipping.
Yes, of course, there are photos unfortunately the Gods of DWAN will not mate with my iPhone. They are available on request.
I guess there is an app for that!  Here are some low res from a photo app:
As well, I have switched out all connectors and it was dipped in silicone waterproof and hung dry in September.  Great hunting or bush crafting pack but I am one man with six packs.