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For Sale - Army Log O Mess Kit


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Hello all,

I have an Army Log O mess kit for sale, asking $750 OBO.  Currently wears Capt's pips, but is easy enough to get tailored to other ranks (officer or NCO).  The kit includes the jacket (doeskin), trousers, and vest.  I can throw in the tuxedo shirt and bow tie if you're jonesing for those, I've also got Log Br studs and cuff links that I'm more than happy to include if you are interested.

Sizing information:
-fits a 5'10" 185lb male
-34" waist
-32" inseam
-suit size 42-44 Regular (important for chest measurement).

Reason for selling:  leaving the military

Mess kit is located in Edmonton, AB, I'm willing to ship if you're willing to cover the related cost.  Replies via PM if you are interested, and I will then send you my e-mail address.