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Enrollment Letter vs After BMQ

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Hey all,

I got my enrollment letter yesterday and got my Met Tech profession. However, it says 3616$/month pay and I called to ask why I wasn't given my accelerated pay (P2) incentive and they said 3616 is what I'll get during BMQ and then after that I'll get my P2 pay. I also don't see anywhere that they took into consideration my 1yr of time served in the cadets.

My question is this, is the enrollment letter primarily for BMQ then you get an offer letter for your profession or should I get what I am being promised in writting now?

You get 180 days credit towards your first pay incentive if you served 3 years in the last 5 in the Cadets. Since you served 1 year, seems like you don't meet that criteria so start like everyone else.

If there's a PI adjustment after BMQ it should be in your letter of offer (I know I made this observation when I worked at CFRG, don't know if it was fixed) & should be on the initial ETP message. If you're getting an advance PI upon completion of BMQ then it was likely granted on a PLAR and you could ask for a copy of your PLAR (IMO: PLAR's should be given to the applicant anyway).