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Do I have to take the CFAT again?

Eric Wang

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I'm currently in the reserves, I am still in high school. If I apply for post secondary and acquired a bachelor's degree to become an officer.

Do I have to take the CFAT again in order to transfer from a NSM to an officer because I didn't do very well on my CFAT.
You might have to if u don't meet the minimum grade for the trade you pick, But if you have passed depending on your trade. You should be good i think. That's what i seemed to have picked up from reading here.

Someone with real knowledge might want to help and shed some more light.

Sorry i couldn't be more help.
I'm not an expert (never even been in the Forces, currently going through the application process) but I do know that the minimum cutoff for any of the officer position is pretty high. I think I read here that it was 75% percentile?

One thing I do know is that your CFAT score stays with you throughout your career, so if I had to put money on it I'd say you would probably have to re-test improve your score.