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Disclosure process - sexual misconduct allegation

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Question re: subj line. Not for me personally…

Mbr is told by CoC that a “sexual misconduct complaint” has been made against them. But that is it. No other details “who/what” etc and only that an investigation will take place.

Question is, at what point in the process is disclosure of allegation details made known to the mbr?

Allegation was made in a province that is not mbrs normal place of duty; mbr was on course. Last day of course, they were informed and then RTUd normally as post-course admin.

Read thru DAOD didn’t reveal details like that…
Not to answer myself...but for anyone else looking for this type of info for their members/CofC:

Other than Step 1., where Justice Arbour recommended the removal of Section 5 of DAOD 5009-1, Reporting Sexual Misconduct…