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Consumer Proposal


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Just wondering if anyone on here has had to go through the consumer proposal route when going through the initial application process? And just for a little context I just graduated college from a software development program and was sponsored through the government so no student loans were needed, but through the years of me trying to gain long term stable employment after many attempts one of my previous programs was a pipefitting course in 2012 which I defaulted on the loan on while being a full time student most recently as I wasn't working while in college this go around because the course demanded so much time dedication due to the learning curve of coding/programming complexity.

Anyways on to the main point and question, while I have my CFAT, medical, and interview coming up in the first week of October, my recruiter told me if I do have any outstanding debt the army will want to see a consumer proposal done through an LIT (License Insolvency Trustee). Has anyone gone through this process? if so how long did you have to work a regular/min wage job and make consistent payments to show your recruiter if and when the consumer proposal was agreed upon by your past creditors?