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Congratulations on Your Military Service… Now Here Are 9 Reasons Why I Won’t Hire You

...having them point with their whole hand, tell me to “standby”, or “Let’s get you squared away” are all solid giveaways too 😅
Ah yes, ‘knife hand’...and don’t forget “say again (over)”.

That said, in my proportionately shorter time in industry (than service), I’ve also seen much behaviour from the list from civilians who never spent a minute in uniform. Not only that, but there are also some crafty types that stealth through the recruiting process and and up being toxic influences...sometimes they’re thinned out, other times not...particularly if they align themselves with ‘slightly less than optimal’ leadership and craft top-cover.

The most important point, if a service member is looking for a management/leadership position, it to have a resumé appropriately formatted AND tailored for the company/position they interested in. The resumé gives provides factual information as well as ‘hooks’ that can form lines-of-questioning during the interview. A ‘generic’ resumé that can then be modified/tuned to the specific opportunity is a good methodology. I once had an HR Partner thank me during an interview for keeping my resume to a single page (2-sided was ok, she said). A good pool of references is also important. As well, if the position is more a trade/qualification-related opportunity, a formatted resumé may be less critical per se, and more of a ‘job experience’ description with references for specific key periods of one’s service/employment, particular if a trade-like opportunity.

Overall fair input, but inclusive of issues not limited to military retirees.