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Colt Defense purchases Diemaco

None, thats why I was outraged to hear KevinB's comment, the fact of the matter weather you are English-Canadian or French-Canadian it does not matter. But say the US on the other hand with their hands in already most of our industry, controlling it. Diemaco was  govt supported business right, it made OUR rifles in Canada, we shouldn't have to rely on a foreign investor everytime they hand us a check... :cdn:
C/Cpl Banks,

I believe the reference was to a French company from France, not French Canadians.


Right, well he did not specify, the first thing that did come to mind was French-Canadian. But my comment still stands we should buy Canadian, unless there are overwhelming advantages that Colt can offer us? And Tess, do you have nay figures supporting your statement, just curious. Thanks

My experience in the world of sales allows me My opinion.   And, before you ask, it is not in weapons.

But, unlike you, I have no problem with an American company selling to us a weapon especially a company like Colt, who has had many years expericne developing this type of rifle.

Buy the bread from the baker, pal.


Coulndt the baker be Canadian?! And I do know that colt is a reputable company that has been making excellent firearms for a very long time. I just wish we could buy in Canada so we could keep the income in the country.  :cdn:
You would be buying from a Canadian Company , C/Cpl Banks. Colt Canada Limited. The company would employ Canadian employees, purchase Canadian parts and pay Canadian taxes.

They manufactured the weapons under licence from Colt, so in essence we were already paying Colt for the rifles, plus a fee tacked on to Demaico for their services.

Colt Canada will now manufacture and supply the demand.  So really, I look at it as a name change, not the disapearence of a Canadaian company.


If Diemacos cease to exist and the canadian soldier carries Colts instead, we'd probably still use the semi/full auto variants, right?

How could DND's specification for a service rifle possibly change due to a corporate acquisition?



Learn to READ   -- Did I say French Canadian or FRENCH?

Diemaco is located in Kitchener - it was previosuly owned by Devtek-Heroux a FRENCH AEROSPACE company.
It made weapons under license (which the Cdn Gov't held) from Colt.

Diemaco was notorious from profiteering on the CF - they quoted $800 for a Knights Armament Company (KAC) M4 RAS (rail accessory system) - these systems retail in the US for $275 USD...    The US Gov't price is $200   --- Dealer is $250 last time I looked

Now WHO do you think pocketed the excess?

Secondly WE (the CF) will benifit from Colt's much larger R&D budget and the resultant trickle down from that.

LASTLY - the CF is not welfare, WE should only buy Canadian when it is a better product and a cost effective solution.   Propping up some shyster for pork barrel politics is HORSESHIT!!!!!!!!


edited for spelling...

once again Kev,

I could not have said it better, especially the part about Propping up some shyster for pork barrel politics


I think the idea of buying only Canadian products is the reason why our procurement of new equipment is so far out of whack that the gear is almost obsolete by the time we finally get it. Example.
1- We have to set up committees to study it to death
2- We have to set up a committee to make sure the original committee did the job right
3- We then have MPs vying for the factory to be put in their riding
4- We have to set up a committee to determines who builds the factory.
5- See 2
6- election happens and the process starts all over again
7- Digging starts but some group comes forward to have the area researched just to make sure the lost tribe of Oga Boga never opened the first Stone age Tim Hortons on the factory location.
8- One of the companies building the factory is investigated by the RCMP for something they may or may have not done so construction is delayed.
9- Company cleared. Construction begins
10- First new piece of gear developed was not to CF specs and has to be sent back to be corrected. Factory has to be retooled to the correct specifications
11- New gear delivered and goes on a protracted testing period where more faults are discovered.
12- Faults corrected...sent out for testing
13- committee reviews the test process
14- committee recommends changes or adoption for equipment
15- Equipment finally adopted by the CF and you that retired some time ago sees your kids using it after they join.
Why? Why do we go though all this just to get out dated and basically useless equipment, these phases must all take months...EACH!! How do other countries do it, do their military have more of a control on everything, such as no metaling of politicians, because we all know they always make the best decisions ::)
Cadet Cpl. Banks,

    If you want to know what buying Canadian can get us then do a search on this forum or on Google for LSVW's. See for yourself what happens when politics gets in the way of purchasing.  :salute:
With the exception of the Upholders (and I still hold out hope for them) I think our best bet would be to buy offshore and off the shelf. maybe we will give the Canadian industry a much needed wake up call.
The problem is in the procurement mentality.

The US RFI (Rapid Field Initiative) is designed to allow units to acquire need kick without the headache of consuming trials that endup being a comittee and the kit does not work for everyone.

However problems exist with that - in that some units can favour certain vendors and kickbacks have been alledged.

Cpl.Banks(Cdt.) said:
ARRRGGGGG! another prime example of foreign markets buying up Canadian company's, I dont like it at all, considering that the U.S own alot of our companines including *tear* Tim Hortons! I know this isnt a post about Canada's soverignty but I still cant help saying it why do we let ourselves be bought out and americanized?! gahhh ill open a post lol...
UBIQUE!!!!! :cdn: :cdn: :cdn:

Just remember Banks, the C7 family of weapons is American weapons system made under licence in Canada, and the Minimi is an FN made (Herstal) wpn with some Cdn parts. There is however some Cdn engineering involved. At the end of the day Canada will still have a small arms industry.


Does anyone think this will be good for our military or no effect at all?
Hmm I wonder if Para Ord's will still be manufactured by ex Diemaco. Fine hand guns got to love mine :)