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Clarkson taps taxpayers for secretarial help


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Clarkson taps taxpayers for secretarial help
Published On Fri Sep 23 2011
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OTTAWA—Former governor general Adrienne Clarkson has billed taxpayers more than $500,000 in administration costs since leaving Rideau Hall, government records show.

The payments, revealed in public accounts documents, are for secretarial help.

Clarkson’s office defends the spending, saying that as “Canada’s most active and involved governor general” she is still flooded with mail and requests related to her time as the Queen’s representative in Canada.

But NDP MP Pat Martin called the funding “ridiculous” and said it should stop.

“She was fairly compensated for her services rendered. The Canadian taxpayer shouldn’t be on the hook for her subsequent expenses,” Martin said in an interview.

“I don’t see any justification for a continued obligation after the governor general leaves office, other than a pension.
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I'm the last person to advocate going cheap on anything to do with the Governor General, but this does strike me as being outside of the scope of the taxpayers' responsibility.

However, I think a case could perhaps be made for DND to provide support for work relating to her role as Colonel-in-Chief of the PPCLI.
The dippers may be the official opposition, but they are still acting like yappy little ghetto dogs. Trying to get the neighborhood  riled up because there's a squirrel on the fence.  :facepalm:

It only serves as a concise way to show your unsuitability and lack of relevance, in politics, to the taxpayer.