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Civilian Police to Military Police

Hey everyone,

So I'll jump on an old thread to bring up a similar question.

I'm currently a municipal police officer looking at going MPO in probably the next year or so.

I'm guessing this trade is highly competitive and probably not taking on many numbers year to year. What do they look for? How many are typically in a class? It won't sway my decision to try but I am curious to know the landscape.

My understanding from what I've been told by MP PRes recruiting in 2020, they still will not recognize civilian policing basic qualifications. If you were going NCM, you will still have to complete all training at Borden (QL3) for six months. I don't know of any policing organization that would allow you to take off 6 months without taking an unpaid leave of absence. I realize your question pertains to MPO, and to be fair, I'm unsure if this applies to their DP1 equivalent.

From my own research, speaking with recruiting, and buddies who left the MPs, if your jam is investigations, you won't see much of it as a MPO. Also, I've been told PRes MP heavy on the M, and light on the p. If you want admin/leadership experience, then sure.

My perspective is that until the MP Branch sees the light and accepts civilian policing qualifications (albeit with a 1-2 week long bridging Mod in military law, as an example), they will find it hard to meet their quotas or recruit highly trained personnel. For example, the RCMP does a two-week mod course at Depot, so that they can patch over muni cops. I've seen some stellar members come out of that process.