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CFAT result

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Hello, I recently passed my CFAT, in which I honestly didn't expect to achieve. I found the CFAT to be actually really difficult, just the limited time alone, that is why you really should at least if not study but practice for it. To make things short they said I met the cut-off score for "Marine Systems Engineering Officer" in which I was really shocked at first because I didn't pick any "officer" occupation but all "NCM's" I do have a degree but is not closely related to engineering at all and its outside Canada that is why it is not a done deal for that certain occupation until I get my school credentials verified in Canadian standard (Still waiting). My question is, Incase I do not meet the required school transcript standard will they give me another option for the chosen occupation, or is that cut-off bad or good in any way?

Thanks for any answers.
It really is just a matter of picking a trade YOU want to do. Once your transcripts get verified, they will know for certain which trades you qualify for. All of the pre req's are on the CAF website.
Hello, I did my CFAT and Fitness on 20/Dec/2022, may I know how much time it takes to learn am I qualified or not? Please advise , Thanks.