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CBIs, benefits, admin for ROTP CT by Cl B


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Bottom line up front:
What's the gameplan for a CT'd reservist who goes ROTP (RMC)? If there's no spouse or dependents, does their stuff go into storage? Where does it go into storage and what is the situation for access?

Cost move, receiving PLD for permanent Cl B.
ROTP selection not yet confirmed, but advised that scoring for was very high and that there were a large number of positions for chosen trade.
Chosen trade is not on the short list approved for civi U, so ROTP will only be approved for RMC.

DHG&E includes car, motorcycle, workstation, and other items relevant to quality of life for example on OJT and leave.
NOK nowhere near current location.
Entitlement to return cost move to near NOK at end of three year Cl B would have been available in October. NOK location is also a potential location for summer OJT employment during ROTP.

What relevant benefits and allowances may be available?

What does relocation to RMC look like?