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Care for CADPAT



I was wondering what is the best way to launder CADPAT. I have heard many different things so I thought I'd ask on here to get an idea.
I handwash all my CADPAT in a large basin of warm water using mild detergent, then I hold each particular item of clothing at arms length and twirl around untill dry...
Read the laundry instructions on the tag...;D

Are they any different from the old combats?  Wash as normal and machine dry.  Be sure and hang them up as soon as they come out of the dryer and they should be wrinkle free - IIRC they shouldn't be ironed.
While in Bosnia 2003, our RQ told me that a few years ago that interim cleaning instructions were produced due to the quick fading of the CADPAT uniforms (newer ones apparently fade slower).  It actually works:

CADPAT should be turned inside out and washed in cold water only with a mild detergent.  They should also be hung dry (ideally).

Of course these instructions were useless in Bosnia where the "boiled" all laundry due to health regulations, etc..........

My uniforms that I was issued in Dec 2001 are still newer looking than some of my troop's uniforms that they've only had since early 2003. (And yes, they've seen some hard wear!!)

In short, hot/warm water fades them faster.  Desirable in the old combats, self-defeating in the newer uniforms.

WO :cdn:
WRT what the good WO said above, there was a CANFORGEN early on in the CADPAT issue, that recommended what he states, specifically mentioning "Woolite for Dark Colours".  Most people I've talked to say they'll use Woolite when it's issued.  But cold wash, tumble dry low - I use Gain and have had minimal fading.

An extra tip: DO NOT DRY ON HIGH HEAT.  I did and melted my zippers, I managed to zip them up once, then had to cut myself out of my pants and get them replaced.

The combat uniform need not be treated like some sensitive ball-gown.  It is a wash and wear garment, full-stop.  No turning inside-out, no "gentle" wash cycle", no hang-drying.  Wash your CADPAT unform as you would any other robust item of clothing.  If the camouflage pattern fades away before the material wears out, then you are in in decidedly "sedate" trade where the concealment properties of the uniform are largely irrelevant in any case. 

The Combat uniform is meant to be worn hard, and treated hard.  I've been wearing CADPAT since late 2000, and I have zero complaints.  And that includes putting the 1st-issue "white tag" uniforms through 6 months of "boil and burn" laundering in Afghanistan.  It held up just fine for my purposes. 

Stop fussing over your uniforms.  Wear them, wash them, and carry on.  When they fall apart, exchange them.  We're not exactly talking rocket science here.....