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cap badge


P Kaye

Does anybody know where I can get an Engineer Officer Cap Badge (wire embroidered)?
I'm transferring to Eng from another MOC, and my new unit does not have any officer cap-badges left.
The "Canadian Military Engineers Kitshop" (www.cmekitshop.ca) is also out of them.
Try Canex or a museum, I know the Shearwater Aviation Museum has quite a few different hat badges. Not sure about an engineer one though, I've never really looked for one of those.
I am in Ottawa (how did you know?).  I'm new to Ottawa though... where is "Base supply?".
SprCForr said:
Go to Base Supply and buy one, you're in Ottawa aren't you?
If the CME is like Log, Base Supply is will not have the Officers' wire cap badges.  Have you tried the kitshops of 1 CER or 2 CER?
No, I haven't...  What's the location of those kitshops?
I think all the engineers use the CME Kitshop (www.cmekitshop.ca).  Unfortunately they are in some long re-negotations, and are unable to order new stock until this is resolved.  They are out of officer cap badges.
Your profile says your in Ottawa. Get a hold of 2 CER (Petawawa). They will tell you where to go. ;)