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Canadian Gold Mine in Congo Seized by Wagner

Oddly enough, he started the op with an FN, but changed I guess when he got handed the hostage to carry. I'd be happy with a C1...if it got to needing my bayonet, things made excellent clubs.

BTW, did you you just call me gay?

I'd have thought you'd have taken it one step further and no magazine on the weapon and having to yell "Stop, Stop or I'll say Stop again and may have to put a magazine on my weapon if you continue to not Stop"...Oh, and our uniforms would have bright blue berets with special spotlights attached so we were extra visible...
You forgot special socks. How can you deploy troops without special socks???
A truly Canadian PMC would have only 5 round magazines for their rifles and no handguns. Red & white "uniforms". Tons of information to distribute on climate change and how to pick your next restoration contractor from a list of only one (SNC Lavalin enters the chat). And a huge platoon of facilitators to arrange your next interference-free election. They ain't kicking anyone out of anywhere except, maybe, a Starbucks.

But they could convene like no one else! No negotiating. Jungle garden party anyone?
No the advantage of being Private means you don’t need to listen to garbage coming from the Government, just garbage from who’s paying you ;)