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Canada??? (Hilarious website)


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I found this by accident looking for something else, isn't the net wonderful.

If you have some time have a look at this site, I really enjoyed the page on Holland.
Oh man, that is a really great find... thanks for sharing!  ;D

"Winnipeg is the academic centre of Canada and home to MIT. Its name derives from an incident in which Winnie the Pooh was killed by a stray hockey puck shot by a Winnipeg Jets player, who responded by saying "Winnie got pegged, eh?" The name has since been truncated to Winnipeg."

I can't wait to spend 6 months there on my BAC!

My new favourite quote, I think I will add it to my signature.

"A Concise History of War Between the Canadians of Upper and Lower Canada"

"Britain won. France, not so much."

Well the wife seems to think its funny, myself I think someone had way to much time on there hands and thinks he/she is a comedian but shouldn't quit there day job...But hey maybe mu humor mechanism is broken...

LOL  >:D :rofl:

Type in just about anything and you'll find something ridiculed. I typed in "Air Force" and go the above link. hehe...

quoted from the article:
The next phase in the Air Force of the Future will be to get rid of the BDUs. They felt a bit hurt by the Army's change so they are going with their own style. This particular style was taken from the beloved Smurfs. Feeling a bit close to them being blue and all they designed a new uniform fit for Smurf Village


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ADD : Flying Spaghetti Monster in 2 flavors

This is great ;D



Canadians have proudly taken on a dangerous role in the conflict in Afghanistan. They are responsible for defending the intersection of Helmand and Pashto. 44 Canadians troops have died during the war (as of February, 2007), which appears to leave the military with a remainder of -39. With numbers like that, it is no wonder the forces went on a major recruitment drive to bring them back up to 5 again.

Currently Jacques and the other Bob are on a tour of duty while the others defend Canada's coasts (one each). In Kandahar, Jacques defends Helmand and Pashto's northwest corner and the other Bob defends its southeast corner. Periodically they rotate in order to cover the southwest and northeast corners as well (though they prefer to avoid the southwest corner, which is occupied by a barber shop with a nasty barber - who in turn claims they are occupying his corner). The Canadians are very professional, however; for example, they have yet to leer at the body parts of any woman except for the eyes. (This refers to living women only. Canadian soldiers often get close-ups of body parts of the non-living.)
There is no article on army or navy, just air force.

Somebody want to try his hands  :D ?
This article truly wins.

The secret to Canada's wild success in educating their masses? The truth is rather simple, the children all pass because the teachers are only capable of giving one grade: an "Eh?"
This reads like something right out of  Monty Python.

Whoever did this is a genious!!
Army is there now: http://uncyclopedia.org/wiki/Army

Why Join the Army?

If you join the army and become a Scout Trooper, you get paid, you get free training, free food, free accomodation, and a free funeral (how encouraging) for the entire period of your service, and a military pension afterwards (if you don't die). You can then spend the rest of your life with one arm, two cats and talking about the huge sacrifice you made to your country. You also get to tell civilians that you know more than they possibly can about the complexities of defence policy because you spent three years scrubbing a general's car, you have a bumper sticker saying "I support our troops." and you spent your entire life getting into drunken brawls in German strip clubs. You can also make fun of the Navy because they are a bunch of pansies who have it so much easier than you, (because the Navy is for pansies.)and last lose many bets to the those Devil-Dog Marines over whose Dill Sgt's are better.

Also, you get to shoot shit! How freaking cool is that!

When you click on the link for 'Navy', all they talk about is a new colour!!  ;D