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I have a question concerning switching from reservist to ROTP

I'm a college student currently studying Building Engineering Technologies, set to graduate in June 2025 and I've applied to join the reserve forces as an Infanteer in January 2024, so I can work part-time while studying and work for an organisation I feel that matters. I've passed my CFAT and I'm waiting on the medical exam now. However, I do not like the career I'm headed with the course I'm currently studying. I'm looking for something more challenging, fast-paced and/or exciting, so I'd like to eventually work full-time in the CAF, and I would like to obtain a University Degree, and eventually become an Officer. I'm not dropping out of my current course. I still want to finish it because I still see it as useful knowledge.

Here's my plan and someone please tell me if this is doable :)

If I'm accepted and enrolled, the recruiting officer told me I'd do my BMQ and Infanteer course in Gagetown this summer, and I could work as a reservist Infanteer while I'm studying. In June 2025, I'd graduate from my current course, and I'd like to be enrolled into the Royal Military College for September 2025 and do the ROTP plan. Given I start the switching process well in advance, can I work as a reservist for about a year, then enroll full-time through the ROTP plan?

Any information on the jobs of Military Police Officer, Pilot, or Naval Warfare Officer would be appreciated as well since I've narrowed down my career options to these three :)
Yes. It is possible to transfer from the Res F to ROTP or other entry plans.

However, it is not guaranteed.
Yes, it is very common for reservists to apply for ROTP, especially when they join while still in high school. You'd be looking at applying in the fall. I first recommend looking at RMC's website to check if you meet the course and GPA requirements for entry.

Pilot and MPO are both extremely competitive trades to get into. NWO somewhat less so. All 3 have additional testing requirements as well.