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CAFJOD Registration while on OJT, subsidized education


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Short version, I'm blocked from registration in CAFJODs while I've got loads of unsupervised OJT time ahead. It's locked to 2LT/ASLT or higher, whereas I don't get commissioned for another 5 years. Is it possible for me to get a waiver and register? If so, how?

The references I'm seeing are CANFORGEN 007/19 and CMP 003/19. The first specifies "officer", and I haven't found access to the latter yet.

I'm UTPNCM, juggling OJT in an academic schedule disrupted by parental leave. I have very little in the way of directly-relevant courses/training available until after graduation, and I've repeatedly been employed in positions at a Capt-level. I have the support of the CoC at my employing unit for OJT, and my BTL is pretty hands off.
I would try to get a hold of the team at CFLRS who administer the CAFJODs and see what they can do for you.

That said, I'm trying to bash through mine this summer before heading on DP1 (CFR here) and it's been radio silence from them trying to get them to upload the MITE codes onto my Monitor Mass, so I don't know how fruitful your inquiry will be.