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CadetPat field uniform

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I have a serious question
what are you carring around with you on a camping trip where you are doing the some in field training that would require this?

I mean you'll have some rope, a compass, a map, pencil, first aid kit, pad of paper, possibly a knife, a flash light and/or glow sticks, matches, water, maybe a snack. and a Survival kit...

Now first aid and survival kit would go in a pack not a tacvest. cargo pockets will hold the rest very neatly. at most I could undersand a web belt. but not a full tack vest. you aren't carring anything that would justify it and just makes you needlessly bulky. Outside of LCF what is the justification..

Keep this about CADETPAT revisions, any further talk of CADPAT how cadets don't need it, etc, will result in a lock.
Its the way it is.  Take it or leave it, anyway look on the bright side, the cadetpat is designed for army cadets and army cadets only and at least its not like the old cancav design, with the pockets on the arms. With that stuff you cant even roll up the sleeves  ::) thats the stuff the Marines are using.  Cadetpat is the same material but a more conventional design.
Pros:  good for winter, better camouflage, looks good, durable
Cons:  bad material, strange sizes
thats how I see it anyway.
Piper said:
That comment is funny, simply because there is a huge thread about why the new combats the CF wears should have pockets on the sleeves....and then you cadets come around and say you don't want them.

I find it funny, and I really don't know why.

Because we are not the ones who know what the CF really needs...
Piper said:
Maybe I should start using those emoticons more often.  ::)

That you should  ;)

I knew what you were saying I just thought I'd point that out.
I just recieved a set of the cadetpat field uniform and I am very pleased with it.  I find it functional and practical for cadet use.  I am very pleased with the uniform and I highly recommend it.  I found that after a wash in some fabric softener the material was very comfertable and breatheable.
Im going to be honest there are several pages of this thread I haven't read, so perhaps this is old news.......

but they changed the buttons!!! Now they're just black. Looks way better.
Do you purchase this through your corp?  And how much does it cost?

Really Sorry if both of those were already answered.
i notice there is nowhere to put the cadet slip-ons...

any idea why that is?

seems like it would be helpfull to be able to know the cadets rank.. even while camping, er FTX's  >:D
Maybe someone who has one in their posession can clarrify, but I am certain there is an epaulette on the chest.

The CSMs at Vernon Army CSTC wore rank slip ons.
Pretty much, it's a CADPAT uniform (is their a pattern designation?) made with repro MARPAT fabric. Hence why the fabric is heavier.

Since nametapes are being made, are rankslides going to be produced in CADetPAT too?
loosy based on the MARPAT?  that is basically the MARPAT..  and why would we want canadian cadets looking like marines?  nothing against marines, i have many friends that are marines, but i think this is rediculous.  my personal opinion is if you want to wear a combat uniform get the ones that look like the canadian style at least. www.cpgear.com
I thought that the whole idea of giving Cadets something of their own to wear (CADETPAT) was so that they:

a) Have a field uniform to wear.

b) To identify them as Cadets compared to members of the Regs or PRes.

All the talk about looks is just that, talk. If it covers yer precious ones or twos and keeps you warm then what's the worry? They did not design the new field wear for the CF based on "looks" or aesthetic appeal, they designed them to serve a purpose.

As well, why buy your own gear from CP? You are provided CADETPAT at reduced cost or for free, are you not?

And while I am in this thread let me mention that we like proper spelling, grammar, sentence structure and punctuation. Thanks.
armoured soon said:
 and why would we want canadian cadets looking like marines? 

They don't look anything like a US Marine.

Its a good uniform for Cadet, for the reasons Scott and Piper mentioned.
The uniform reminds me of the old Kiddy Combats we used to have to wear at camp. Except with a digital camouflage design.
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