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Budget effects on recruitment process?

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I am currently in the process of joining the Reserves as a Med Tech.  I have passed all of my tests except the fitness test.  I had one scheduled last year but had to cancel as I had contracted H1N1.  I have not heard from my case manager for a while, but was told he would get back to me when there was an opening available for a fitness test. 

I have also heard about issues with the budget affecting Reserve training.  I am wondering if this is affecting my delay.  I was hoping to be sworn in by now. 

Does anyone know if the budget will be affecting recruitment tests or BMQ training this spring and summer respectively?
I saw the answer in a dream, but I refuse to tell you.  :p
I email'd the recruiter here in Toronto back in January and asked if the Reserves were recruiting and he said that until April 1, 2010 they are not handling and recruiting applications. He also recommended to wait and hand my application then because it would be processed then.
I was referring to the previous year's budget, not the upcoming budget.  I have heard from reg force soldiers and also read on the forums that there had been some overspending  done (or limited funds left) in the budget and so certain activities, including recruitment and reserve training would be limited until the next budget is received, in April.  I was wondering if anyone had any more information about this. 
There is so much information on the subject available on this site, via a search, that it will take you until our new budget starts in April to read it all.

1) Read the Site Guidelines.

2) Read how to do an advance search, then use it; and,

3) Read all about your question.

Unfortunately, due to the previous budget cuts (last year's), we have no one on the Cl B spoonfeeding detail available to take your call.

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