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Brookfield question IPR 3b move.


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Afternoon all,

Just wondering if someone would be so kind to answer a few IPR questions.

I'm 3b releasing this Nov and have elected my IPR, staying within the same 40km area to insure my mental health care providers remain the same etc, OSI recognized fully by Vet Affairs so the 40km limit doesn't exclude my move.

I have my initial Brookfield phone consultation (this CFS doesn't have Brookfield reps in the city) and I have great difficulty speaking and retaining info on the phone so my spouse will be assisting and I'm trying to be pro active and have a list of questions ready to help the process along.

Wondering if anyone with Brookfield knowledge or experience with. IPR final move could answer a few quick questions .

I've read the It's your Move but again my concentration skills are demolished when anxious.

Home is sold, new home offer to purchase new home is accepted and awaiting home inspection to firm up but I wanted to know what if any are the differences between a regular cost move vs a IPR, are real estate fees, legal, and other admin covered in full? I've read something that stated 35 percent or no more then 5000 is covered out of custom, I suspect Core pays the other 65 percent, same with pack and move costs etc?

I'm being released 3b, 16 years regular force unbroken with 4.5 years reserve time preceding my component transfer so my move is both 10 years service and 3b covered.

I'm sure many of you are saying either sum up or direct these questions to release section or Brookfield itself, I'm meeting via phone tomorrow with Brookfield and I'm unable to attend meetings on the Station due to my OSI and the current in treatment for said injury.

Lastly we were unable to match up the closing dates on the sale and purchase and we close on the new home 9 days later. What happens to my F and E once it's packed? Does Brookfield cover short term storage, what about interim housing? Seems I'm in for a battle with Brookfield over the closing dates not matching up but in the current housing market here we had no choice but to accept a earlier sale date.  The only offer we got to sell so we had little negotiating room,

Lastly I want to thank you for taking the time to read this post, with the release upcoming and my illness I find it very hard to ask for help or champion my own cause so any feedback or personal experiences would be much thanked.


For reference, perhaps Brookfield question IPR 3b move.

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The Brookfield Megathread 
I just completed my IPR move after my 3b.  The whole process was the same as a normal posting.  All my expenses were covered, real estate fees, accommodations, food, millage, etc.  Exception being, I got a 650 incidental allowance instead of a posting allowance.  Also, there was no minimum distance between the new and old location.  Mine was less than kilometer.