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BMQ - St. Jean - March 2011

Not yet.

I was going to make one, but was waiting on more people, but I'll start it anyways

"BMQ R0391E (R42) & R0396E (R13): March 2011"
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Hey guys
March can be pretty harsh here in QC. Some years are worst than other but I'm pretty sure you'll find it colder than WC weather.
Anyways, I'm sure you'll be moving enough so you don't get cold! hehe
Wish you best and have fun
I'm from SW Ontario.  Thanks for the warning, but minus 25 is the norm, here.  Bring on the cold.
-25c may be the 'norm' for ya but - it's the winds here that will get you... st.jean is like, in a wind-tunnel or something... when I leave this place, the one thing I'll never miss is the howling winds shakin' the mega's windows.... be it in the summer or winter!

see you guys shortly!
ehhh.. -25 with wind chill?!!! The coldest I have ever experienced is -10? :( Hopefully I will survive through the spring.
Don't worry, there is no -25 in St-Jean in March. It's not even the norm in Quebec for winter.  Yes, we may have days lower than that, maybe weeks with wind factor that goes down to -25 or less, in January and February, never in March.  Last snowstorm is usually around St-Pats day, if any, and that snow melt in few days.  Here are the stats for St-Jean :  http://www.theweathernetwork.com/statistics/CL7023270/caqc0610
lol, -25? In March?! Call me naive, or apprehensive, but I find that hard to believe lol.
Does it matter anymore how cold or hot it is there? You're only going to be outside for the runs/ ruck marches/ marching to the drill hall and back since theres no more farnham it won't take much to stay warm. What's good about the MEGA is that it's pretty much all inside if anything you'll be complaining about how hot it is in the classroom while you try and stay awake.
Yes, I do see no reason why the weather would not matter in BMQ but I think it still matters for the first few days you are there without your kits. I won't post any more comments about the weather.
London is really, really cold.  25 below with wind chill is pretty common.  Anyhow,  I'm more worried about the sleep deprivation.

Terry, I lived in BC for 4 years.  The climate there is so much nicer. 
No, London is not really, really cold. Sorry buds, try North Bay or Sudbury. Or better yet, try living in Winnipeg (I lived there for five years). On a Canadian scale, London, ontario is nothing.

I even checked the on line the weather you have been having lately and sorry, thats not really, really cold.

It has also been a very mild winter.
Anyhow, since when did this turn into a weather competition thread?  I don't recall saying "London is the coldest place in Canada" or anything to that effect.  All I was saying is that the cold is the least of my worries.  Are there colder locales?  Sure.  Does it really matter?  Not so much.
armyrick, I agree, North Bay is a tad bit chillier (my hometown)... as was my time in Longlac... THAT stuff is cold :P  London would be a cake-walk :)  My ex was from near London, he had no idea he even HAD a block-heater in his car until he came to visit me in North Bay once. Even then? I had to go out and find it for him.

That was pretty unmanly for him, he admitted.

The kit keeps you nice n' warm, so don't worry about freezing. I have managed to survive the winter here so far without freezing to death or frostbite :P

see you guys soon!
SW Ontario is more humic cold.  N Ontario is more of a dry, frostbite cold.  I lived in Maple Island (by Parry Sound) for a bit,and, honestly, it was quite nice.  Minus 35 isn't so bad when you don't have a brutal lake wind blowing chill through you.
Cold, though, is relative.  I lived in B.C. for a few years, and, as my friends almost died from the "cold," I wore a hoodie.
Same goes for heat.  I'd take 40C Kelowna heat over humid death heat any day.  A 30C day in Windsor is hellish.
But I digress.  The lack of sleep worries me most.