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BMQ Location 2023


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I have started my application to join the CF. I am interested in knowing where reg. BMQ takes place.

I know of potential candidates for locations however, I would like to know if what trade you are after, matters when it comes to BMQ? Or if it is all done at St. Jean? (Aside from the Navy which has changed recently, if I am correct.)
Unless something has changed, BMQ courses are all being sent to St. Jean. I know we had a Decentralized BMQ (D-BMQ) here in Halifax for a bit during the pandemic, but I haven't seen a course roll through in some time, and have been told by countless people that we aren't running them on the coasts anymore.


This only applies to Reg Force. Reserves still do their own BMQ, as was said above.

Hi, I’m sorry if this is the wrong place but I was wondering where BMQ takes place for the air operations support tech trade. I know it is a reserve trade and the forces website isn’t clear about the BMQ location. if anyone knows anything about the location could you please respond to this thread.

Thank you
Air Reserve does the same BMQ as Reg F, full time, therefore their BMQ would be held in St Jean at CFLRS.
If you are in Nova Scotia, there is a potential that you may do BMQ at Aldershot - they have run several serials there.