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BMQ 2022 - Oromocto


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Hello, looking to see if anyone else is starting BMQ at 5 CDTC - Gagetown on Jan 30th 2022, Thanks.
Awesome! I'm assuming Army also? Is it weird that we're not doing B.M.Q in st.jean? I was just told it had to do with capacity issues and covid. Hopefully nothing gets delayed due to the variant.
Yep! Army, I’m going in for combat engineer.
Yeah it’s pretty weird haha but makes sense. Are you going to gagetown or aldershot? Because they are under the same flight plans for recruits right now I think
A now useless piece of information for a future Combat Engineer: a Bailey panel weighs 570 pounds and is a six person load.

Good luck in your future career, and CHIMO!
I'm also going for Combat Engineer! I'll be in gagetown.

A Salute To The Engineers

Now the Lord of the Realm has glorified the Charge of the Light Brigade,

And the thin red line of the Infantry, when will their glory fade?

There are robust rhymes on the British Tar and classics on Musketeers,

But I shall sing, till your eardrums ring, of the Muddy Old Engineers.

Now it's all very fair to fly through the air, or humour a heavy gun,

Or ride in tanks through the broken ranks of the crushed and shattered Hun.

And its nice to think when the U-Boats sink of the glory that outlives the years,

But whoever heard an haunting word for the Muddy Old Engineers?

Now you musn't feel, when you read this spiel, that the sapper's a jealous knave,

That he joined the ranks for a vote of thanks in search of a hero's grave

No your mechanised cavalry's quite alright and your Tommy has darned few peers,

But where in hell would the lot of them be, if it weren't for the Engineers,

Oh they look like tramps but they build your camps and sometimes lead the advance,

And they sweat red blood to bridge the flood to give you a fighting chance

Who stays behind when it's getting hot, to blow up the roads in the rear?

Just tell your wife she owes your life to some Muddy Old Engineer,

Some dusty, crusty, croaking, joking Muddy Old Engineer.

No fancy crest is pinned to their chest, if you read what their cap badge says,

Why 'Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense' is a queersome sort of praise,

But their modest claim to immortal fame has probably reached your ears,

The first to arrive, the last to leave, the Muddy Old Engineers,

The sweating, go getting, uproarious, glorious Muddy Old Engineers.

Attributed to Cpl Claude Radley RCE who wrote this poem while serving with 18 Fd Coy RCE in 1942.
Rudyard Kipling. Sappers.

When the Waters were dried an' the Earth did appear,
("It's all one," says the Sapper),
The Lord He created the Engineer,
Her Majesty's Royal Engineer,
With the rank and pay of a Sapper!

When the Flood come along for an extra monsoon,
'Twas Noah constructed the first pontoon
To the plans of Her Majesty's, etc.

But after fatigue in the wet an' the sun,
Old Noah got drunk, which he wouldn't ha' done
If he'd trained with, etc.

When the Tower o' Babel had mixed up men's bat,
Some clever civilian was managing that,
An' none of, etc.

When the Jews had a fight at the foot of a hill,
Young Joshua ordered the sun to stand still,
For he was a Captain of Engineers, etc.

When the Children of Israel made bricks without straw,
They were learnin' the regular work of our Corps,
The work of, etc.

For ever since then, if a war they would wage,
Behold us a-shinin' on history's page --
First page for, etc.

We lay down their sidings an' help 'em entrain,
An' we sweep up their mess through the bloomin' campaign,
In the style of, etc.

They send us in front with a fuse an' a mine
To blow up the gates that are rushed by the Line,
But bent by, etc.

They send us behind with a pick an' a spade,
To dig for the guns of a bullock-brigade
Which has asked for, etc.

We work under escort in trousers and shirt,
An' the heathen they plug us tail-up in the dirt,
Annoying, etc.

We blast out the rock an' we shovel the mud,
We make 'em good roads an' -- they roll down the khud,
Reporting, etc.

We make 'em their bridges, their wells, an' their huts,
An' the telegraph-wire the enemy cuts,
An' it's blamed on, etc.

An' when we return, an' from war we would cease,
They grudge us adornin' the billets of peace,
Which are kept for, etc.

We build 'em nice barracks -- they swear they are bad,
That our Colonels are Methodist, married or mad,
Insultin', etc.

They haven't no manners nor gratitude too,
For the more that we help 'em, the less will they do,
But mock at, etc.

Now the Line's but a man with a gun in his hand,
An' Cavalry's only what horses can stand,
When helped by, etc.

Artillery moves by the leave o' the ground,
But we are the men that do something all round,
For we are, etc.

I have stated it plain, an' my argument's thus
("It's all one," says the Sapper),
There's only one Corps which is perfect -- that's us;
An' they call us Her Majesty's Engineers,
Her Majesty's Royal Engineers,
With the rank and pay of a Sapper!
Lol guys im in the same boat like you.... I was suppose to be at St-jean but they move me to Valcartier because of covid-19 everyone its like wtf why you going to do BMQ at Valcartier its like im lying haha
Our date got moved to the 25th, did you receive correspondence as well?
At the moment nothing change they talk about starting asermentation via Team