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BMOQ Regular Force 2014 - 2017 [Merged]

Maestro_0614 said:
I guess we have a break for Christmas? How long?

Leave Policy – Christmas / Holidays [Merged]
9 pages.

BMQ over Christmas 

basic training - Christmas Leave 

Concrete Christmas Dates?
OP: "Anyone know the Christmas Break leave dates for bmq ? do you know when they shut down the base and when the recruits will be required back ?"


iamrah said:
Hello all,

Anyone else loaded into the BMOQ starting October 23?


I've been course loaded to BMOQ for Oct 23 as well, going in as Armour Officer.


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Hello, I am scheduled to go to BMOQ in January which as of now is 5 months away. I was planning on doing travelling during some of the time before I start basic to take advantage of some off time. I  was curious whether there would be any issues regarding travel between the time you have been passed through the security check and the time you start basic, specifically regarding health or security issues with travelling to foreign countries. I know some countries are considered to have security risk levels by the Canadian government for potential insurgency. I want to make sure that travelling wouldnt have any effect on starting basic on time, assuming i dont contract a debilitating disease.

Thank you for any advice.
montoya said:
Congrats! Gabey - when did you do your Downsview testing?

sorry i took so long to reply, should've sent me a pm

downsview was done in feb of this year
Hi I know my post is irrelevant to this topic. Just to know about your interview experience for Aerospace Control. I have interview for AERE after few weeks. I don’t see PM option here.

geodan said:
The next BMOQs are in october and january for this fiscal year. I know they already gave offers for october and january but there is at least one more selection on october 5th for my trade which is infantry officer. Maybe there's more ask the recruiter if your trade is still opened.