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BMOQ Regular Force 2014 - 2017 [Merged]

I've been in touch with another guy who is going to the same BMOQ, so I've made a facebook group here:

emm said:
Thank you for creating that facebook group!
No worries. Thought it would be a good idea to get to know the people beforehand so we can all be pretty cohesive/inclusive when we are finally there.

Seems we are kind of shy so far though. That'll change!
Hey guys!

I'm a Nursing officer, been in for 2 years now. Due to my school schedule I always missed BMOQ start dates so I will also be on the October 26th course (most likely - it's still tentative awaiting the official message)
I think I am 10/60, DEO Pilot, just found this forum. Swore in Fredericton at the end of March.

I'm in that "mental preparation" phase, and getting things together slowly. I've spent the past two days watching Basic Up! after my runs. This will be big change!
Yes! I'm betting it'll be a mix of everything. The group is slowly coming together!  :nod:
goliath10 said:
I think I am 10/60, DEO Pilot, just found this forum.
Wow! We were about 30 pilots that graduated from BMOQ last April. Training system will soon be choked as few years back!  :eek:

Otherwise, good luck to all!
goliath10 said:
I hope it's not that way, I quit my flying job for this. I'd rather be in the sky!
You will face waiting period for sure. Right now I'm at an OJT position until my PFT which is scheduled for end of November 2015 and I know some people waited more than a year to be loaded on PFT...  :facepalm:

But OJT is fun and very relax! :)
I'm in for ROTP Infantry Officer, swearing in June 18th in Halifax. Haven't heard any dates for BMOQ yet.
Good luck to everybody who starts their training tomorrow!! Stay strong guys!
Hey guys,

So who will all be there to start their BMOQ on the 13?
Post your name and occupation.
For me I receive, last week, my offer of enrolment to be a MARS officer under the ROTP entry plan.
Hey guys,

Looking for all those starting BMOQ on August 29th, recruiters told me it would be a french BMOQ, but I'm sure this will be a bilingual one.

Anyone else ?

I saw a previous topic with the idea of creating a facebook page, maybe i'll do the same :)