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Avionics Systems Technician ( AVS )

If you are married or common law, you only need to write a memo about living off base. I know of 3 people currently on poet who are not living in the shacks but with their spouses and children.

The inspections are done when you're not around, but sometimes they will decide they want to do a bedside inspection. So for that they'll just tell you to occupy an empty bed space. And make sure your parade boots are imacculate. They are very picky about the boots.
@OP......Living outside the shack will always be at the discretion of the staff. Again, you have to really ask yourself if it is really worth it to log your family around temprarily, or you are better off focusing on training (no distraction), and then perhaps wait till you are done your QL3. I can tell you now that Borden won't let you live outside.

Your concerns should be focused on how well your understand Maths, AD, DC, Amp, Practicals, etc
Happy two year application process anniversary to me.

Two years in the recruitment system for a highly in demand trade all because of not one, but three separate computer glitches with my application (Japanese postal code caused the recruiting system to send my application to a black hole in Halifax for 4 months and also TWO failed security clearance checks because the automatic system would not accept my home address in Japan while my University address was in Canada while on exchange).

I applied when I was 32, I am now 34. If I am not in before I am 35, there is no chance of me ever staying in the military for a full 25 years for the awesome pension. What a downer.
After more than TWO YEARS (about 28 months), I finally have been merit listed! My long wait may soon be coming to an end.
THE WAIT FINALLY ENDS! My perseverance has paid off. 2 years, 3 months and 11 days (833 days) after my application to the Canadian forces began, I have finally been given an offer! On February 15th, 2016 I will be off to Quebec to begin my training as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces and then as an ATIS technician. It was a long haul but everything only really begins now.

Amazingly, after my security check finally cleared, I was merit listed within weeks and sent an offer only 6 days after I was informed that I was on the merit list. That security check and file loss really slowed things down for me but perhaps I should look at this time as blessing as it gave me the opportunity to greatly increase my fitness level, research many aspects of the CAF, and most importantly, to get a chance to see my 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter develop into the wonderful kids they are today.
I'm in my 2nd week of BMQ right now and a couple people from word of mouth has told me that AVS Tech schooling is very hard and for one of the im assuming final tests only 15% of people pass.

I'm going into AVS Tech and I was just wondering if you could give me any details as to if this were true and with a high school diploma I would be able to work hard and pass the courses?
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I am a retired AVS tech and also taught POET in Kingston. If AVS had a pass rate of 15% the training would be revised.
In my experience most RCAF courses have pass rates above 75%.
If you have a high school diploma and apply yourself you will be a successful AVS graduate.
It is a long period of training but it is a great trade with great people.
Hang in there, better times ahead.  ;)
As stated, I am interested in this training program. What I worry about is the living situation, as I have a girlfriend. Am I able to live off base and get an apartment? Also what about the traveling? Is there a lot of traveling with this job or will I be stationed somewhere close to where my girlfriend is?

Thank you for your time
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LucasPearce said:
As stated, I am interested in this training program. What I worry about is the living situation, as I have a girlfriend. Am I able to live off base and get an apartment? Also what about the traveling? Is there a lot of traveling with this job or will I be stationed somewhere close to where my girlfriend is?

Thank you for your time

First year and half of your time in you would be on courses from BMQ, POET, Common Core, and QL3 and that's if you don't get stuck on PAT for some time waiting to be loaded onto a course or flunk out. During this time you are not likely to visit your family and friends other then on bloc leave. After that you would be shipped off from anywhere from Shearwater NS to Comox BC. Once there you will need to complete more training to formularize you with how to properly fill out paperwork to the layout of your new base. Then on to either completing your OJT or getting servicing qualified. And then on to your type course. After that you can expect to go on deployment at least once a year be it 2 weeks or 6 months depending on what unit you end up at. Basically if you are afraid of being away from your girlfriend for any amount of time the military itself is not for you as you are required to be ready for deployment at a moments notice. And even before all that you need to pass all the required steps to even be excepted to join. Sorry if any of this scares you but the military is a different type of lifestyle then being a civilian. You have to make sacrifices but in the end it can be quite a rewarding experience.
As you can see from the links that mariomike so graciously provided, LucasPearce, there is a wealth of information here on this Site. Please read through older threads, especially those stickied at the top of each forum, and try the Search Function and mariomike's Site Google technique. By doing so, you'll likely find answers to questions that have not even occurred to you yet.
I am an AVS tech nearing the end of my QL3 qualification course. It is time for us to put in our posting preferences, but I have only recently learned that type courses are not necessarily done at the unit. My wife is currently going through a very difficult time with her anxiety and depression (also some stuff going on in her family), and so I would like to avoid any needless time away from her. This brings me to my questions:

1. Is there any consolidated list of type course locations and durations?  I've tried searching manually (site search was not working), but haven't found much information.
2. Are type courses done all in one shot, or is it spread out over multiple sections done at different times?

I'm looking for as much information as possible, as I may change my preferences and even ideal airframe in the name of being able to stay with my wife during this difficult time for her. That being said, my ideal postings are to BC, so I'd really like some information on the Aurora and Sea King/Cyclone courses.

Thank you for your time reading.
Seaking type courses are no longer being run. Cyclone are being run more frequently now. They are 4 months I believe, but prior to that you must complete the servicing course which is a month long. Those are all held in Shearwater. As far as Pat Bay, right now they do not have any cyclones.
To my knowledge, the Aurora course is done in Greenwood, NS. I'm not too sure how long the course is. But I imagine it's probably a few months.
Thank you for the responses. Does anyone around know about the aurora type course duration? Also curious about gryphon type courses if I were to decide to ask for cold lake.
If I'm not mistaken, the Aurora course is split into the 2 4 month long segments in Greenwood. The Griffin is I think 3.5 months long and done in St. Hubert.
Thank you very much for the information on the aurora. It's a long shot, but do you have any idea how long the spacing between the segments is? Long enough that I'd be sent home during, for example (home being comox if i were posted there).