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Aviation Systems Technician ( AVN Tech )



Hey guys how are you all doing? Well i'm really interrested in doing my transfer to AVN Tech, and i have seen and looked at all the information that i could find on the trade. But I would like to hear from a AVN Tech and tell me what, the trade and life is really like. So if anybody knows or has any information it would be greatly appreciated. Also any stories or anything would be great too. Well thanks in advance. :cdn: :salute:

I am in school becoming an AVN Tech right now. Things to remember are the course is now going to be around 16 months in length. You will not see your spec pay until you are fully 5's qualified about 4-5 years including school. Other then that its allright. Don't think the grass is any greener on the other side though. If you have anyother questions maybe I can help you out. Good luck
Thanks for the info, and letting me ask you some questions.So why is the course being lenghtened, to 16 months? Do you know when this is going to take affect or has it already? Well i didn't know that we would be getting spec pay for this trade but it's nice to know that. So how far into school are you? Also what is it like, and how is borden. LOL. I have been told that it's pretty small. LOL. So if you can give me any other general or specific info that you think would helo. that would be great. Also how dose it work the school I mean. Is it like a real school, go from like 8-4 or something like that? Do you have alot of home work, or non at all. Well actually if you could tell me as much about the school as possible that would be great. Also do you have the weekends off to do what you want, or do you start off with restrictions for not being able to leave the base, for the first few weeks or something like that. Anyways any and all info that you can give would be great. Thanks again.
Bump, Excellent questions about the course, CTD if you don't mind telling us.
1. course is longer to facilitate better traiining of the mechanics. They realized that 6 months of training was not enough to teach a person off the streets how to be a mechanic. 2. all courses from now on will be the 16 month course. 3 . i am into month 10 of the course. so far we have covered alot of materiel. Some of it has been relevent some hasn't. I will say it has been a pita for us as we are the first course to go threw, so things have been pretty bad from errors in the books, to the wrong info, being pulled off the floor because of lack of qualified staff, to the next day being allowed to work with the same staff. to equipment shortages. Most of this will not be corrected for some time to come, they still have not finished writting all the course and arestill only a PO or two ahead of us. Like usuall higher ups never accounted for the right amount of tools and equipment, so we have been plauged by time delays due to equipment. The Mcpls have been excellent and are doing their best to make a good job out of some one else's mess ups. 4. Borden is a sizable base, has an excellent gym and sport fields, They have a canex at the other end of the base, Toronto is only 1 hr away. Barrie is about 20 mins away. single quarters are kinda crappy but i have been in worse. 5 we march to school at 715 ready for class around 730 to 8. luch at 1130-1300. breaks are usually at 10 and 230. with small ones inbetween. weekends are off except when they require you for a parade which is very minimumal. it is cold in the winter and hot in the summer. We do pt every afternoon wednesday and also admin. We clean the hanger on friday. other then that not much more to say. If you do comehere prepare to be inspected every tuesday and roominspectino every sec thursday. all in all not to bad, things are pretty easy going.
hope that has helped you out alittle  more
how about married guys? They live in pmq and all. whats up with the inspection for them? and how do they get to class? do they have to get to the shacks and then march from there?
Thats just category I am going to fall in so I'd like to know. As for every day PT do you get time for that or is it on your own? Also you are 10 mths into the course have you had anyone on your course fail or decide its not for them and quit?
Thanks again CTD
Quote: how about married guys? They live in pmq and all. whats up with the inspection for them? and how do they get to class? do they have to get to the shacks and then march from there?

It is my understanding that while on MOC training even married guys/girls live in Single Quarters, therefore you won't have to worry about this. I could be wrong but the military usually doesn't move your family and all your F&E until you are actually post out, so after your MOC training. Then you can have the fun of living in a PMQ.

(Sorry  I don't know how to quote properly)
tuesday inspection is done at the hanger in dress of the day. Room inspections are carried out every second thursday, the married people living out form up on the bottom floor in Deu's and get inspected.  Yes as a married person you can get a pmq , you will be here for a 18 month posting. Plus they are having a single quarter's shortage. Pt is every wednesday afternoon from 2-330. admin time is from 1-2. Pt is done as the school and administered by PSP staff. Just circuit training. other then that you are on your own for pt. maried people meet at the shacks and march over with their course. Make sure you bring your family 18 months is a long time to be away from them. You do get some leave time, i wont say when because it will be differnt for each course. The school shuts down for christmas for about two weeks or so. we have had no failures, the Airforce has adopted a no fail policy just like the Army did. the tests are good , as long as you read over the materiel shouldnt have a problem passing. One guy has tried to leave for personalle reasons but back to the max pass situation. He is still here. hope i have answered more of your questions, any more then fire away.  I had wrote all of this few minutes before this and eraused it by accident, just though ti would let you know , take care and good luck
Sorry for the miss information. I know that if I get this trade I will be leaving my family behind.  :'( Plus we will probably not be posted to the same place for a couple years.
I wouldnt be sorry for the info you gave. As far as I thought all members stayed in the shacks untill they were done their QL3 also. Well i was proved wrong, the quality of life issues. I would think that your other halve is a 021 Arty,if that is so i hope you know about posting options are pretty limited. if that is the case then I would try to get a definate answer about maybe going to Gagetown. The postings for Avn are about 10 years so keep that in mind If you have any more questions about the course ask hopefully i can help answer them
He is actually 031 Infantry. I know posting options are limited, but there is always hope. Plus he will probably OT to a different trade within the next 5 years.
My ignorance for my assumption, I had my head up my but and was thinking the Artillery were the only ones their. Question how does your husbadn liek it their? I hope everything goes well for you.
CTD said:
the Airforce has adopted a no fail policy just like the Army did.

Now thats a bunch of bull...........try telling that to the 2 guys who just failled off my basic aesop course and have to find themselves a new MOC !!!!!
"Question how does your husband like it their?"

My husband is CFL and I see he spoke up for himself

In fact if he got a posting to Borden while I was taking courses, he would be more than happy. (He is originally from Hamilton, which is ~2 hours away)

I know he thought about an OT to AVN Tech so maybe he will end up on course too. Just as long as we are not on the same course it would be all good.  ;)
You guys............can't you just get along ???    jk

CFL......do it ......remuster...i was a 043 and i love the air force !!!! What a life i was missing.....lol
What was 043?

I'm somewhat (with my postion) happy right now but I can't be a ground ponder forever.  You airforce guys actually work for a living.