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Just under a month and a half or so to go....man am I ready to go....
I agree really want to start .....but the extra time getting in as good of shape as i can is appreciated as well.

See you all there. (aug 18th)
Heading out on Aug 9th!

Now I just need to decide if I want to drive or take the take the train....I hate trains.
Just for a little bit more info I'm leaving out of Hamilton.

MedTechStudent said:
Hmm, thats a very odd thing to hate.    ;)

Its more the hour + stopovers, cramped and crowded seating, uncomfortable seats....I will definitely be taking my own vehicle if they want me to take the train. But from my understanding they will try and fly me out.
Just got my offer today and I start BMOQ on August 25/08!
Surname: Archer
Trade: LOG
See you there!  ;D
For the last few months I've been under the impression that I'd be there on the 18th... but now it's confirmed that I'll be on the 25 Aug english serial.

(Surname is Telfer, DEO Arty)

See you there!
I may have asked this already but is anyone swearing in on the 31st in Vancouver? Looking forward to it...might have 9 guests coming tho...too excessive? maybe
Might be swearing in on the 31st in Vancouver.  Got my medical next week and have gotten the impression from the recruitment center that they're fast tracking my application to get me into the Aug/Sept BMOQ (my trade is in high demand AEC).
My training is going good (although slow)

I am up to running 5 times a week ,sometimes 6, and i finally was able to get my 2.4km down to under 12 min (11:49)

As for push ups..well i am kinda confused as to the requirements, as i have seen it said that the min is 19 but i have also read that it is 33 and that is a huge difference.....I can do about 28-30 in one rep now but getting bast the high 20 mark has been frustrating my efforts for the l;ast few weeks (I do push ups 6 times a week)  Any help/clarification would be appreciated.


Also anyone else feel free to let us know what you are doing to prepare or taking to basic that you think will help you out.

Haven't really looked at any of the requirements, min or otherwise. In the gym about three to four times a week, working mostly upper body. I finish work in about two weeks so once thats out of the way I'll hit the trails and get the run times down. As for the pushups, I figure the more you can do is probably the better, looking at minimums sort of sets a mental roadblock for me. If anyone's in the Oakville area and wants to go for a run though, pm me, companys always nice on the longer runs or the shorter runs for that matter...

As for bringing stuff, Im tempted to bring the ipod and maybe a laptop for some tunes after dinner when we've got the duties but I figure theyd be locked up for most of the time anyway...
I'm ready. At least I think I am. I've been wating for 3 months already. Let's go!!!!
Is it just me or does running 2.4 km on the road seem a lot shorter than 6 laps at a track (haven't actually done the 2.4 on the track so maybe it doesn't seem that way when your running it). At any rate, i got my 2.4 km down to 9:35...a 5 K is easy...10 k is pushing it still though. Im ready to go, yet im still nervous about the physical...and that is strictly because of time. The more im here the more i start thinking about stuff so for that reason (among many others) i can't wait to just start.