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As of One Minute Ago, I am Now Retired

Wowzers! Congrats on your lengthy career and enjoy your retirement! :cheers:
Is my early morning math way off, or is that almost 45 years? Either way, enjoy your retirement! You've definitely earned it!
Congratulations on what I know to be an illustrious career.
TCBF said:
7 Jan 71 - 15 Dec 14.
Don't make it look so much like a tombstone inscription, bud.

Seriously, congratulations (hence the conga rats below), well done, and enjoy the next phase of your life!

Wow, you served more years than I am alive. Hats off and thanks for your service!
Enjoy your post-military life.
Congrats :cheers:...now you find out that you have more work to do than when you were in fact working  ;D

Congrats. Enjoy some well earned time off.
Cheers and all the best!!!    :tank:
Finally decided what you want to be when you grow up, huh?  Congrats, and take five, you've earned it.
Colin P said:
In 3 months your wife is going to tell you to go find something to do.......

Congratulations, TCBF.  Best of luck with your new career.

George Wallace said:
Time yet for that quiet cabin in the woods?
A.K.A. "camp" in some parts of this great land.
That's a very lengthy career, thank you for your service.!    :salute: