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Army mess kit


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Army Mess Kit,  100% wool Barathea.

Signals branch,  senior NCO.    Purchased new two years ago, and worn only twice.  Made by Andrei Master Tailors in Kingston.  Jacket size 42R , pants 33 W x 31 inseam.  ( there is room to go another inch longer in the length, and the waist can be tailored in or out.

Selling for $600.  I am currently in Ottawa during the week, and in Kingston on weekends.

cost today from Andrei's is  $ 871.00 plus tax.

after a couple PMs  please consult with the dress regs to see if this mess kit is the same style as your branch.
The mess kit I have listed is Signals Branch. 

Black facings on collar and cuff. Scarlet shoulder-
straps. Surgeon cuffs with two buttons.
I still have the mess kit.

$500 takes it.  Thats pretty much as low as I can go.