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Army Cadets and CADPAT- The Final Word

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30 November 2007
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References: A. ROD RCSU CO Meeting,
Ottawa, 23-25 Oct 2007
B. CATO 46-01 Army Cadet Dress

1. A decision was made by the D Cdts & JCRs, at Ref.A, to no longer allow cadets to wear CF uniforms except in cases where the uniform is personal protective equipment (such as naval combat dress on board ships) and therefore necessary to protect the health and safety of the cadet under training. This
decision was made to reduce as much as possible the risk of confusion between cadets and members of the Canadian Forces.
2. The decision will have for immediate effect to generate modifications to CATO 41-06 Army Cadets Dress Regulations, which will be performed shortly. In the interim, the following changes take effect
upon receipt of the current document.

3. CADPAT uniforms, or pieces of CADPAT uniforms, will not be allowed for wear by cadets and staff cadets. Lately a growing number of cadets have been showing up for training wearing the CADPAT. The CADPAT is a current uniform of the Canadian Forces and its usage by cadets, especially older ones,
may lead to believe that cadets are part of the CF. This is especially true when cadets are also wearing combat boots, regimental badges and accoutrements. This goes against the message that the CCO tries to promote, that cadets are not members of the military.

4. Because it is no longer a uniform of the CF, the olive green OG to7 uniform is authorized for wear by cadets and staff cadets until field training uniforms are provided or until the 00I07 disappears
completely. The OGI07 must be worn with Army cadet ranks, badges and appropriate headdress. The OG107 will be provided to cadets in accordance to the clothing scale of issue where it is deemed necessary. A cadet may wear the OGI07 uniform during corps field training if he possesses one of his own.
5. The "Cadet Field Uniform" available for purchase through the Army Cadet League of Canada website is also authorized for wear by cadets and staff cadets. This uniform must also be worn with the Army cadet ranks, badges and appropriate headdress. It will not be provided to cadets by the CCO.
6. Although the two uniforms mentioned above are authorized for wear during official cadet activities, no cadet should be requested to purchase a field training uniform to participate in corps training.

7. It is recognized that Army Cadets enjoy wearing camouflage-pattern pieces of clothing, especially when participating in field training. Camouflage-pattern pieces of clothing from other countries and from civilian companies are authorized during corps field training but they are not considered as authorized uniforms of the Royal Canadian Army Cadets. As such, cadets are not authorized to wear the Army cadet ranks, badges or headdress with these items of clothing.

8. The wear of the CF jacket is no longer authorized for Army cadets. All Army cadets must wear the official Army cadet dress tunic as per described for the order of dress C-I, at Ref. B Anx A, page A-l!l4.

9. Effective immediately, the following
portions of Ref. B are to be considered void:
a. Para 14, CF Uniform;
b. Anx A, p. A-2!l4, Dress CI-A;
c. Anx A, p. A-3/14, Ceremonial
Dress, General; and
d. Anx A, Apx I, Para I.

10. The wearing of regimental accoutrements on the Army cadet uniform will continue, where available, subject to the existing regulations. These include Regimental shoulder flashes, badges, headdress, buttons, belt buckles, sashes, etc.
II. Exceptions to the content of this message, such as the wearing of Highland dress for cadet pipes and drums musicians, will be considered individually. To be considered, requests for exceptions must be
brought to the attention of D Cdts 4-4, with a historical description of use by the cadet corps, justification for continuation, impact on the corps, etc. All requests for exception will be analyzed in conjunction with other existing regulations and policies and in the spirit of maintaining as much uniformity as possible between all cadets across Canada.

12. Over time, several corps have taken the liberty of adding items to their uniform or
even wearing unauthorized pieces of clothing, although these have not been formally approved for cadets. All are reminded that the SSQ Army at D Cdts is responsible for setting dress instructions for
Army Cadets. Changes to dress policy, dress instructions, uniform accessories, accoutrements or insignia shall only be made with the approval of the SSO Army.

12. The basis for decisions presented above is to ensure that cadets are not put in a
situation where their dress could lead to believe that they are members of the military. Cadets are already provided with a distinct dress uniform for parades and regular training sessions. It is believed that these decisions will clarify any confusion that might exist WRT what is considered acceptable.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, there is finally something in writing that prohibits the wear of CADPAT by Army Cadets. As far as I know, there is nothing similar out for Air and Sea Cadets yet.
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