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Armoured crewsuits

EOD operators were also able to draw the crew ensemble.  The overalls for wearing under the EOD suit and the jacket/trousers for...who knows why?

Most of us shared what seems to be opinion of the crewmen here, pretty much useless, but the jacket was nice and warm...
Perhaps he was, but the fact is he should have turned in the AFV Suit once he left that Platoon.

best guess he wanted to keep the LCF wearing the crew suit.
my72jeep said:
JP. as in john paul

MWO Lapointe
LOL I remember asking him why he had it on a few time's (BCTC 80's) when i was a Cadet Sgt with 2408 Base Borden Army Cadets,He said he was an MWO and would wear what he wanted.