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Argo moving?

William Hoskins

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I have heard a few rumors that Argo might be moving to Labrador or something due to some ( and in my opinion much needed) maintenance and upgrades. Can anyone confirm or deny this?
I just looked at your profile and seen you are from 2444, so I'm guessing yes the ACSTC. Last rumour I herd was Argo was going to have 2 "mega complexes" built to  replace the current temp ones from 1973 :facepalm:, and the cadets would have a building on CFB Gagetown to use this summer coming up.

That is just a rumour I was told, if anyone has incite into this it would be grate to know!

CS :yellow:
the current camp was built in 78-80 with cadet camp summer 79 being at camp petersville on the south west side of the base. I haven't heard about any move and judging by the cost, I don't  think it would happen.
shreenan said:
and the cadets would have a building on CFB Gagetown to use this summer coming up.

Would like to know where this came from, there is hardly enough buildings/shacks to house all of the Reg/PRes courses/staff/students let alone house hundreds of cadets........
A buddy of mine told me about the army cadets using a building, like I said who knows.
In 2010 there was even talk about the barracks being replaced. A few barracks are closed down from the ground not being sturdy enough to support the weight of the structures, The ground has moved causing the  cement pillars to push up or be pulled down.
There's been nothing about it on the RCSU (A) page (mind you, they can't currently update due to a server upgrade) and nothing on CadetNet either, and I feel that's something that would likely be passed on.