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Anual omg

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Well, the day after mine... I can honestly say I was pleased. I was hoping more cadet bodies would show up. But we atleast had 27 (Consider our corps is small and on average nights has 20-25) which was pretty good. There was two smaaalll hitches at the very begining of the parade that worried me. 1 when the corps was supposed to fall in the band was not quiiite ready, proved a 30-45 second delay (which seemed like forever after I called the command) and when I went to advance the corps I said "Parade Left *slight pause as I caught the error* RIght turn" I thank the heavens that the cadets remembered the practice and none of them turned left.

It was a pretty big parade for me as I recieved the Cadet Medal of Excellence, the corps award for Most Efficient NCO and was the incoming RSM. I was filled with pride when the Claymore was handed over to me on that final heat of the parade.

~Crowe out
Good on ya Crowe!

I remember when I had an annual like that. Lord Starathcona, best cadet and becoming the new RSM all at once. Let me just say that the fun stuff is about to begin ;). Get ready for a lot of problem solving but judging by your character you'll do fine.

future medic said:
Let me just say that the fun stuff is about to begin ;)

Thanks :)

Oh, and the 'fun' has already begun. Good ole bantering of cadets, issues with ranks, you know... the standard everyday problems  :blotto:
The Crowe said:
Oh, and the 'fun' has already begun. Good ole bantering of cadets, issues with ranks, you know... the standard everyday problems  :blotto:

HAHA, sounds like you got your hands full. That's just where it starts. Remember, your at the top of the food chain now. With you being a major connection between the cadets and the officers, be prepared for alot of problem solving and frustration. Also, you've gone as far as you can go rank wise in the system, so I'd start to think about how you can better your cadet corps (training wise, D&D ect.). Remember their mess up in your mess up. BEST OF LUCK TO YA RSM! :salute:

-Future Medic 
In my corps we have a problem with drill as well. We're a small corps (and by small I mean we hardly ever have more than 20 cadets on parade every week), and so it's obvious when we have a few cadets that just don't care or just don't get it. I just joined this 2005/2006 year and yet I have had our MWO and all three of our Sgt tell me I am better at drill then most troopers, and even better than some corporals. I hate it! It really makes me mad when people who should know what they are doing just don't have a clue. But I guess that's why I'm already a corporal (yay for advancement if you're above 14!). Anyway, there are probably lots of corps out there that are going to have a really sucky ACR, so don't feel too bad, it's not your fault that people just don't get it.
Muir said:
it's not your fault that people just don't get it.

Yes it is your fault if your ACR is bad.  Its up to the junior and senior NCOs to prepare them and drill the hell out of the cadets.  If they dont like it then too bad for them.  We practice for weeks before our ACR and have an entire weekend devoted to practice.  You have to MAKE them get it.  Before our ACR I drill and drill my platoon and make sure every single one of them knows what they're doing.  If a cadet is having trouble getting a certain movement send him or them off with a senior for a one on one tutoring session on drill.  Thats what we do and our ACRs look darn good. 
I re-read my post and I realized that it sounded as if nothing can be blamed on the junior and senior NCO's, but that's not what I meant. What I meant was that if people don't care or don't want to try then there is nothing anyone can do, you can't force people to be good at anything if they don't like it, sure you can drill them and drill them but if they don't care and just don't try it doesn't work. Also in my corps we do have a few cadets with learning disabilities (obviously I'm not going to specify who) and so that is another reason it isn't the junior and senior NCO's faults, but that may be just my corps.
wow my acr is going to be a gong show. not for the cadets that are in ranks, but for the ones that are in the flag party. Yes you heard that right CADETS. and guess who our flag party cmdr is.. wait for it ... wait for it...
It is a Mcpl that only has cadet basic for experience.and get this he missed the last day of practice before ACR .....but yay for me I got to command the flag party. I am some one who has taken D&C and attempted NSCE I got jipped for for a Mcpl that is being favored.
for the cadets that are in ranks they have made a great improvement and they look like a gate when they wheel. before they couldn't even keep in step.what I saw yesterday was sweet when they did the advance in review order the only person that was off, was the marker.