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Aircraft Structures Technician ( ACS Tech )

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I am just wondering what are the postings where ACS Techs get posted to, and also what training do they do in Borden.  IE , once a member accepts his OT offer for ACS TECH, does he go straight to Borden for the crse, or is there any other training that has to be done prior.
I'm wondering if ACS techs can end up in Victoria, BC, right after training is completed at Borden, ON.
Highly doubt it but Pat Bay would be a possibility....providing there were any positions.  19AMS in Comox might be a viable alternative also.
Hello all,
Just wondering if anyone knows what the current wait times are from basic to the start course for ACS in Borden?
Tried searching but couldn't mind much information on that for the trade.
Thank you all in advance.
Hey all,

First time posting here and I have some questions. First some background on me. I’ve been in the infantry for 12 years and have an accepted OT in the ACS tech effective date of 15 July. I’ve read just about everything I can find on the trade and training progression. I know there’s a lot of knowledgeable people on this forum so I figured I would submit my questions here:

1. I have looked high and low but I haven’t been able to find out the exact timeline for courses that occur between BMQ and BOQT for ACS tech. All I found is that there is a DP2 common core, and a BET course that have to be taken prior. What Im wondering is what exactly do you learn on these courses, and generally how long of a lull is there between them.
2. Are there any tentative dates on upcoming ACST BOQT courses for 2019, and if not how often is this course run yearly.
3. For the current ACST reading this post I was hoping one would reach out to me as I have a ton of questions regarding the trade and need to pick someones brain.

Not an ACS Tech but if you use the DWAN search engine with "CFSATE Course Training Schedules", that will give you some of what you're looking for.