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Air Weapons System Technician (AWS TECH)

Hello everyone.

So like my title says I just want to narrow down the main difference between both of these jobs.  From what I understood these jobs are both aimed towards all the avionics and equipment an helicopter or a plane would need , but one is focused on the plane itself as of the other one is aimed towards the ground installation ?

I just want to make sure that I am not wrong here in assuming this. 

I am asking because I want to choose between one of these 2 for my Transfer application, They are asking me 3 different jobs that I would be interested , since I'm currently a Gunner in the primary reserve , Gunner will be my 1st choice , the 2ND one is Air Weapons Systems Technician , but for my last one I am really torned appart between these 2. 

I am continuing to read here on the forum about both jobs , but I was just wondering if anyone could tell me if the main difference is the one I posted in the beginning , thanks a lot !
krimynal said:
From what I understood these jobs are both aimed towards all the avionics and equipment an helicopter or a plane would need , but one is focused on the plane itself as of the other one is aimed towards the ground installation ?

AVS Techs do all the on-aircraft kit.  AVS Tech is an Air Operations trade and is a 'hard air' trade.  As an AVS you would likely belong to an maint org on a Wing doing first or second line maint.

ATIS Techs will (in general terms) do everything that is IT/Comms/Tech related that isn't on the aircraft.  RADAR, FM radio, IT, telephone, navigational aids, etc.  ATIS Tech belongs to the Communications and Electronics branch, they are the AF DEU folks with Jimmy capbadges on their berets and wedges.  If you were posted to a Wing, you would likely work under the WTISS (Wing Telecomm's and Info Systems Sqn).

Both are Specialist trades w/spec pay once you are a Cpl with your QL5, as is AWS Tech (also a hard air trade).

That is a basic run-down.
No.  A "hard" trade means one that only exists in a certain element, belongs to the operational side of an element.

Examples;  Infantry is a hard Army trade, Pilot is a hard AF trade, and NESOP is a hard Sea/Navy trade.

If you were an AVS Tech, you would be in the RCAF Air Operations branch, wear the AF capbadge.  If you were an ATIS Tech, you would be in the AF uniform but not part of the Air Operations branch - you'd be in the C & E Branch and wear Jimmy on your headdress.

Make sense?
as far as Deployments goes , I would assume AWS tech and Avionics techs deploy more than ATIS tech ?
There are probably roughly similar with regard to opportunities to deploy.
alright , since I'm in the artillery right now in the reserve , would it be "wrong" if I didn't choose Artillery as my #1 choice to reg forces ? I know it would probably easier to switch to the same thing , but I gotta say that air-force is basically what I always wanted to chose but there were no air-force near where I live ( the closest was 1h30 drive away )
Nothing wrong with it at all.

Research the job you think you would like to do and go for it. If you love the field, reg force arty here in pet spend a ton of time out there. If you want a more technical trade, then avs or atis might better suit you.

Don't feel like you HAVE to stay Artillery when you CT.
Tcm621 said:
Apply as per usual. After BMQ they go to Borden for common core (tools and paperwork stuff), Basic Electronic and Electric training and Ql3. There is also a week long air environmental course which is basic history of the air force stuff.

Its a good trade. I like it.

From what I've seen here at CFSATE AWSTs have the shortest time on PAT also :) (with the exception of a buddy who is ACS and spent 1 week on PAT :O) I will be on PAT for 3 months total out of 1 year of training.

I love my trade choice :D
found this post , wondering if anyone has new inputs on it ???

I'm also trying to transfer to AVS or AWS , I was wondering what was the life in Borden ?? What are the morning PT ?? Inspection ?? etc.

I've done my DP1 with artillery this summer , is it close to what I was in ? or is it way different ???

Thanks !
As a recent graduate of CFSATE, you will have Tuesday morning inspections. Occasionally in DEU's. Room inspections are usually a walk through I think (I lived out). PT was twice a week, with either PSP or course staff.
you can live off base ?????

I doubt they are going to let me have that but ....
I managed to get a PMQ while there were still quite a few. Not sure if their policy has changed at all, but you would submit a memo for de-linking rations and living out. If/when you get to CFSATE, you will find out what the new policies are. When I first got there, the day I cleared in I submitted my memo. A month or so later it came back approved.

Feel free to PM me if you have any other Borden/CFSATE related questions.
well I'm common law right now.  Girlfriend and I signed the papers back at my local unit last year about that
For clarity;  you had common law status when you were allowed to move into a PMQ and your gf lived there with you?
Eye in the sky, if you meant me, I at the time had single status when I put the memo in. Also at the time, the shacks were over flowing and the PMQ's vacant.