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Afghan Operations Game Announcement

I'm liking it so far. Pretty awesome game.

I've always wanted to make a Facebook game, but I didn't have the ideas, nor the spare time to create it.  :-\
very good idea.

I hope to outrank someone for once  >:D
Petamocto said:
KAF insurgency locked down, woohoo!
I think you and I were both part of an insurgency over there in KAF!  ;D  *insert sound of incessant throat clearing here*
Quick update: Unlocked medals are now shown on your PER as well. :)
Gotta say. I've never been interested in facebook games (or even facebook) but this game is pretty addictive!

It takes a few turns to really get things going but once you pass about level 4 or 5 it's a blast. Tactics really start coming into play.

To all you guys who designed this game, frigging amazing.  Thanks, I hope I can sneak it by the filters at work lol
There were a few Facebook games that worked through the DWAN firewall when the programs were changed. They've since tightened the security but this may work as its new. Hopefully someone that works on the DWAN Firewall is also a member here and plays the game, surefire way to keep it open!
I finally broke out of level 4, feels good being the only level 7 in the entire game. ;D

And now I am poor.  :(
ONT said:
How do you delete the game from facebook?

Account drop down menu: Privacy Settings -> Bottom left "Edit settings" for Applications -> Click on Afghan Operations -> Link that says "Remove Application"
ONT said:
How do you delete the game from facebook?
Read this:


Edit: PuckChaser beat me to it. Darn.