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I am still in the CAF
I haven't been working at all for the last 2.5 years because of my MELs
I am staying home all day long because of my PTSD
I got sexually assaulted in the CAF
I have a dual admin review, medical and conduct.
Still waiting for DMCA to give me the disclosure package and their type of release recommandations
My PTSD got recognized as service related by VAC. I got 76% for my indemnity.

In my file, I have only:
1 recorded warning
1 police report (with withdrawal of charges!)

I am afraid to be released 5F.
What are the chances that I got released 5F instead of 3B?
There is a mechanism where even if one is 5F, DMCA can annotate a release letter saying the member is medically disabled to allow for VAC benefits

Traveling so I do I don't have access to DWAN links but this Reddit post has most of the right info.

It would be unusual for a member with a single recorded warning to be released 5F. It would also be unusual for DMCA to conduct a full AR for a single transgression. That being said, DMCA can make a determination for release if they feel there is little chance the member will correct the deficiency. Typically though, RW are almost always escalated to C&P if the member has not met the terms of the initial RW. DAOD 5019-4 is the reference, and is available on the web.

As MJP said, there is a mechanism in place to ensure that injured members who are not released 3B, have their files annotated so as to preserve their injured status. If one were to be released under a different release item, it would be prudent during the process, that they confirm that their ultimate release code is annotated as injured. Do not rely on the people processing the release to do this outright. They may not be aware that they can.