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2 new Army Cadet Exchanges (ACE) 2007


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Australia and the Cayman Islands  :salute:
I think that it is a good idea but the problem is that the ACE exchanges don't get enough puiblicity and tend not to fill up. For example ACE Italy was cancelled this year due to insufficient numbers. I know a lot of people apply for exchanges like the UK ones, Germany, or ACE USA but not so much the other ACE ones. When I got my course T-Shirt it had all the other exchanges on too and I didn't know that half of them actually existed.

As long as the Australia one gets advertised, I know that it will fill up because a lot of people have wanted the Australia exchange back. I don't know so much about the Cayman Islands.

The Major in charge of exchanges payed my exchange a visit this year while we in Scotland and he said to watch out for more exchanges. A neat one he told us about is within a couple of years there will be a band exchange to the UK.
No, it has not been around for at least 5 years. In 2001 there was an international expedition there but that does not count as an exchange.
At these exchanges, do our cadet learn anything beneficial to the movement or is it only a site seeing tour?
I herd that the US exchange you do things with the Young Marines (US Marine Cadets) and do a mini BUDs (Seal, divers) course or introduction. In my opinion that is great to promote interest in the military and diffrent experiences the military offers.

I would recommend things exchanges that could help them become better knowledgeable and better leaders in their local corps while at the same time seeing other parts of the world.
NY UN Headquarters? learn about the UN? The Army JROTC has something called the Ranger Challenge which is interesting, IF our chosen cadets got 2 weeks training we could be compatible with that course.

Anyone have Ideas for exchanges and what they would bring to the table instead of simple site seeing tours?
The exchange program promotes senior leadership and it prepares cadets to take roles as staff cadets. At Connaught, all exchange cadets are held to the same standard as staff cadets, and on the course reports it deals with your leadership and management skills.

The exchanges all have cadet activities, adventure training, and cultural activities. The amount of those depend on the length of your exchange and what country you are visiting. The 3 UK exchanges (OBS, MLE, OBW) have two weeks of British cadet training, a week of adventure training, and a week and a bit doing cultural activities. Germany does not have a cadet program, so exchange cadets are hosted by their military so they do a fair amount of military training, as well as adventure training, and cultural activities. The ACE exchanges are a wee bit different, they are much shorter and this prevents them from doing as much as the other 6 and 5 week exchanges. USA rotates every year between SCUBA trg and Survival School in Utah. The other ACE exchanges- Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Austria, Holland, and South Korea are much more cultural touring/ adventure training than military training but they all do a least a day or two of at least shooting.

The key thing is that they are meant to be fun and provide senior (deserving) army cadets an experience of a life time...and they do. They have a little bit of everything in them, so if anyone gets a chance to do any exchange they should jump on it- even if it is one they did not apply for.
well thats interesting, wish we had ACE's like this when i was a cadet.
This is all new to me.
SO, how do cadet apply for these ACE's? like normal camps? I herd of one of my acting CSM's talking about wanting to go to the US for some diving and stuff.
When do these happen? do the cadets miss out on the local (Canadian) summer training camps?
ACE is the short form for Army Cadet Exchange, the badge received is the International Tour badge. To apply you need a copy of the Advanced Training summer camp application instead of the normal cadet summer camp application. You need to have completed NSCE, CLI and meet the fitness requirements to be eligible- then hope to your higher being that you get accepted. The dates are different each year and for each exchange but generally ACE exchanges are 1 week precourse at Connaught and 2 weeks in the exchange country.
GGHG_Cadet said:
The Major in charge of exchanges payed my exchange a visit this year while we in Scotland and he said to watch out for more exchanges.
He should first focus on improving the current exchanges, the experience was great but there were some obvious faults. 
englishmuffin said:
He should first focus on improving the current exchanges, the experience was great but there were some obvious faults. 

I think we had this discussion on the plane back to Canada...OBW had the roughest time out of the UK exchanges. From what I heard your 2ic saying, you guys had it real bad with the way training was set up by your hosts. OBS on the other hand had an awesome NCO and Officer who was with us the whole time in Scotland.

By the way what changes did your exchange recommend to Major Lepire and the DCO of Connaught on our debrief/ dekit day?

Do you mean by the German Bundeswehr or by the Canadian forces.

They were hosted by the German Bundeswehr.
What about language, i mean they don't expect cadet to actually speak German to go on the exchange do they?
Nope, my brother went to Sweden on an exchange a few years ago, no language problems encountered.

Did he tell you if they had translators?

(sorry if i am being persistent, i'm planning to apply for ACE Germany).

davidhmd said:
GGHG... is OBS still guided by the Scottish Major with the KILLER moustache? I was there in 2000, awesome exchange back then too!

No, they switched the escort officer in 2002, he is an awesome guy though. The escort nco (a SSGT) is still the same.

do hey use diffrent CIC escports? or do they take the same poeple all the time....
The CIC escorts change every year/ other year. The OC of the course was the 2ic the year before usually.
davidhmd said:
Roger that... "Ok now.... this is how we make a british army bed!"

That's weird, my officers told me that Great Britain had the same regimental standards as us.
Chawki Bensalem said:
That's weird, my officers told me that Great Britain had the same regimental standards as us.

Well if you consider even the differences between CSTCs, it's not that hard to believe.
Can anybody post a list of all the ACE countries for this year?

From last year...
South Korea

For this year (DeSouza, do you have the sources for this?)...
Cayman Islands

When I heard Cayman Islands was a new addition, it really got my attention.  Even Australia exchange.  The two choices I had for the summer was ACE and then SCdt for 3 weeks, or just SCdt.  Since I needed money for University, I decided for the moment to apply for SCdt.  But these two addidtion...pretty attractive...