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1:35 Huskies AVGP coming in


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I got an order of 1:35 Huskies AVGP, new release, coming in June. If anyone is looking for one or know someone that is into the model building hobby. Drop me a message. I accept Paypal.

On other notes, I have a few LAV III's coming in next week too. 1:35 scale.

Dixon Hobbies
any movement on the Leopard 1 AVLB or AEV fronts that won't cost the GDP of several Caribbean islands?
I have a German Biber Leopards I can order in for you. They are 1/72. The company is Revell. Decals are German thou. But I know you can find some Canadian markings online.

Would you like a "Biber" in 1/72 scale? It will be around $30 with tax & shipping.
I'll get back to you, thanks very much!