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03.2023 until 03.2024

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So, you're saying that it's pretty easy to be hired on as a paramedic in Toronto then?


Unlike the CAF, they are not accepting applications.

Recruitment is closed.
Ah, so that was a long message to explain a short concept.

Any idea when they're hiring again? Or who to contact/
Any idea when they're hiring again? Or who to contact/

So I was told my file would be closed until 03.2024 because I stopped abilify around 03.2023 after 3 years of court ordered injected medication and then voluntary injections following august 2022 when I was liberated from the RBMD without conditions.

The thing is.
I was hospitalized for the second time in my life this summer from 21.08 until 05.09 and put on lithium as my cyclothymia had probably progressed to bipolar type II.

Was on zyprexa while at the hospital. Stopped it when I got out.

Must I declare this information?
Yes. To do otherwise would constitute a fraudulent enrolment which when discovered (as it would be), would result in a directed release.

Looking at this, and your previous posts, should leave no doubt in anyone's mind that you are fundamentally unsuitable for service in the CAF, and likely any country's armed forces. No amount of rationalization on your part is going to mitigate the fact that you appear to have severe mental health challenges that disqualify you. I strongly advise you to accept that you are not going to be recruited, and find other employment goals. Having completed hundreds of recruit medicals in my career, I advise you to stop. You are not going to succeed.
Not open for further replies.