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    Yellowknife posting

    Hello, I'm interested in a posting in Yellowknife as a class B reservist but I'd like to know a bit more about life over there before submitting my application. Unfortunately I don't know anyone who went there or have any idea about it. I wonder if some of you could please help me? 1- As a...
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    Full time position in Trail, BC

    Good day, everyone. 39 Combat Engineer Regiment has just advertised a reserve employment opportunity for the RSS Ops WO position in Trail, BC with 44 Engineer Squadron. I'm posting this here to help get the word out. The position can be under-ranked or over-ranked if we can't find a WO and we...
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    HCA vs. LogO (Air) - Duties + Postings

    Background: 14 yrs in 9 yrs Infantry Reservist - Class B 3 yrs in Post-Secondary - ROTP Currently a TDO. Never been Posted yet... Putting in a VOT for HCA + LogO (Air) Which trade is better in terms of postings/deployments (I know, a broad question, open to opinion). Currently hoping to...
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    first Posting

    Hi everyone, I am still waiting for final the processings, Reg Supply tech, I am wondering about if the first posting - initial posting - after i finish the occupational qualification trainaing is more likely to be in the area of the Recruting Center where i applied. or I can be posted to...