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medical fitness

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    Medical waiting

    Hi. I am PR and currently my CAF application ( regular) is in process. My recruiter told me that my next step is medical and I am in waitlist.Anyone recently gone through the process and let me know the waiting time for medical to be scheduled. Thank you to all honourable members.
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    Medical Results taking forever

    HI, I had my medical interview and phone interview done 7 months back. Then they asked me fill DND 2780 as I am 40 years old. I got it filled and sent 15 days afterwards. I got confirmation from CAF that they have received the form. But afterwards I have not seen any movement in my application...
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    File closed due to medical fitness

    Hey! So I'll try to keep this short. I applied to join the infantry in December of 2022. I did really well on my CFAT and did my medical exam. I received a letter about a month ago stating that I was deemed medically unfit because I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder a couple years...
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    Can I join signals with incredibly mild asthma

    I applied to the army in 2016 and the RMO sent me a letter saying I am medically unfit because I had been regularly prescribed a ventolin inhaler which is meant for relief during asthma attacks. I played junior a hockey at the time, never did use the inhaler but the trainer said he wanted one on...