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  1. T

    Army Army Reserve in Canada: Soldier Information Handbook 2023 Updated 2023

    This handbook was created to provide serving soldiers with information that will demystify the experience of being in the Army Reserve. If you are serving in an army unit and need help to navigate and get things done, this is the book you will want to read. It was designed to be the experienced...
  2. B

    Applying as a PR

    Hello! I am a Burmese lad who's turning 19 the next month. I came to Canada a few years back (2018). Now living as a PR. While the recruiter I spoke to said I can apply with my current status. I am still not sure if I should apply now or should I wait for my citizenship and IF I do not get...
  3. P

    FORCE test and interview

    Hello i am applying as an infantry soldier and i wanted to know when i should expect an offer if my interview and FORCE test is in 2 weeks? Also if i was sent an invitation for the interview and force test , does that mean i passed the foreign implication ? Thank you for helping me
  4. J

    Can I join signals with incredibly mild asthma

    I applied to the army in 2016 and the RMO sent me a letter saying I am medically unfit because I had been regularly prescribed a ventolin inhaler which is meant for relief during asthma attacks. I played junior a hockey at the time, never did use the inhaler but the trainer said he wanted one on...
  5. Motorcop505

    Wanted Irish Regt of Canada Kilt Wanted

    Hello! I am seeking to purchase (or trade for) one of the kilts worn by the Irish Regiment of Canada given my background as a soldier and my considerable Irish, Scottish, and Canadian heritage. Although Canada has some wonderful Scottish kilts, I especially like the fact that it is the only...