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  1. Pinto

    3 PPCLI Seagull in Workpoint Barracks

    Hey folks! I was with 3 PPCLI in Workpoint Barracks from 1992 to 1994 (those of you there will recognize my "handle") and I recall that the Ops O had trophy in his office that was a seagull (Ops O = Seagull... get it?) stuffed and mounted, with a map folded under its wing and a tiny helmet on...
  2. Pinto

    Royal Canadian Corps of Signals Standing Orders

    Subject book was written in 1966; would anyone out there have a soft copy available to share? Any format; PDF, MS Word, even raw text or WordPerfect... Alternatively, if you are in the Ottawa or Kingston area and have a copy of the actual book you would be willing to lend to me for a quick but...
  3. Pinto

    Mercury March

    Send me a Private Message with your email addres and I'll send you an MP3 version. Cheers!
  4. Pinto

    "Worst Movie Of All Time"

    Battlefield Earth Hands down, by far, no argument, THE worst movie of all time. Simply "Travolting" Followed by Starship Troopers (if I ever meet Paul Verhooven (sp?) in a dark alley, I will be hard pressed not to commit some sort of crime on his person for what he did to the film...
  5. Pinto

    Anyone here have a MAC?

    By the way, for anyone thinking of buying a Mac, either as a replacement for an older one or as your first Mac, there was a recent article in MacWorld that is well worth a read. http://www.macworld.com/article/133150/2008/05/macbuying.html Cheers!
  6. Pinto

    Anyone here have a MAC?

    Hear, hear! Couldn't agree more. If you have legitimate Mac-related questions, and legitimate Mac-related advice, fine. If you've never used a Mac (and I mean seriously used one, not just fiddled with one in a store for 3 minutes), then your opinions about Macs are about as relevant as a nun's...
  7. Pinto

    Anyone here have a MAC?

    http://store.apple.com/ca/browse/home/shop_mac/software/action_games?mco=MTgyODI Lots of games available for the Mac... but they can be hard to find at your local Futile Shop or Best Bye... there are Apple brand stores in TO (3) and Montreal (1), which are worth a visit just to look around, or...
  8. Pinto

    Anyone here have a MAC?

    And how exactly did you determine that that was their reasoning? Because I was certain their reasoning was, in order to make the MacBook Air as thin and as light as possible (the thinnest lightest notebook available) they cut out some features. If you want a CD drive in your laptop, don't get a...
  9. Pinto

    Anyone here have a MAC?

    Mac User since 1996... forced to use that "other" OS at work... will never spend money on a Windows PC. Always willing to answer Mac questions, from new Mac users or from Windows users thinking about switching. Cheers!
  10. Pinto

    GOD save Franz Herzog von Bayern new King of England and Scotland.

    But establishing a correct and acceptable line of succession for something as important as the British Throne is not, and should not be, a simple exercise. Long and bloody wars have been fought over this very subject, which is what has lead us to the current situation. The line of succession for...
  11. Pinto

    GOD save Franz Herzog von Bayern new King of England and Scotland.

    It isn't the first time someone has tried to "undo the wrong done to Catholics," and I suspect it won't be the last. Check out this article on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Act_of_Settlement_1701#United_Kingdom The whole thing is highly recommended, but the bit linked to above...
  12. Pinto

    Kingston thread - merged

    Great info so far; thanks much for all of your input. No decisions yet; still colating information. Cheers!
  13. Pinto

    Kingston thread - merged

    Hey folks; did a search of the forums and I didn't find what I was looking for... Basically, I'd like to hear from anyone who has kids in a high school in the Kingston area, specifically to get their opinion on how "good" the school is. Yes, I know it can be very subjective and opinions will...
  14. Pinto

    The most dangerous things in the Army ... (besides Vern ;-) )

    Oh, that's simple... the person who can do the most damage to your career the fastest is... yourself. "You are your own career manager." ;D --- Pinto
  15. Pinto

    Origin of Hoo-ah

    I had an interesting thing happen to me as a result of the word Hooah... Blogged about it here: http://www.parentheticalthoughts.com/index.php?cmd=displayPost&post_id=11 Cheers!
  16. Pinto

    For Those Frustrated with Vista (Free MEMORY trick!)

    Ah, the games myth… First: There are plenty of good games available for the Mac OS. I suspect your “approx. 25%” statement is one of those myriad statistics that are just pulled out of… the air… rather than being the result of scientific analysis and calculation. For example: Battlefield 2142...
  17. Pinto

    For Those Frustrated with Vista (Free MEMORY trick!)

    You can have my Mac when you pry the mouse from my cold, dead fingers... I use Winduhs every day at work... I used to be in charge of the Base computer techs and system admins. I've built a Windblows computer, switched out hard drives, replaced processors and RAM... I have quite a bit of...
  18. Pinto


    I certainly hope this is nothing more than a false rumour, considering that polygraphs don't really work... The Supreme Court of Canada has rejected the use of polygraph results as evidence in court. Polygraph tests have failed in the past at capturing (later to be) known spies; Aldrich Ames...
  19. Pinto

    "Soaring Club" Question

    The Montreal Soaring Council has its operations at Hawkesbury, about an hour east of Ottawa. My dad flew there for years. http://www.flymsc.org/index_01.htm Cheers! -- Pinto
  20. Pinto


    You can also get them at the RMC Club Kit Shop; they also have Air Force, Navy, Artillery and Cavalry Patterns, as well as the basic "Infantry" pattern. http://www.rmcclub.ca/GiftShop/Swords/Swords.htm You don't save money over the RCR kit shop; if you are an ex-bud, they match the price...