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    Rmc academic prerequisites

    Hey thanks for the reply. I’ve since negotiated with my teacher that if I nail my exams and get my mark close he will bump it up to the required 75%. Just gotta do well on this exam and it should be fine
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    Rmc academic prerequisites

    Hey all, I currently have received a conditional offer for RMC which states that I must maintain a 75% average in all of my classes. My current overall average will be well above 75% however in my chemistry class I did not do well on 2 of my 4 tests. Because of this my mark will be in the 70’s...
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    Signed acceptance offer confirmation not received?

    Hey there, I have recently received my acceptance into RMC as an ACSO. I have sent a response to the email containing the offer with my signed offer yet I still have heard nothing yet in regards to a confirmation of my offer being signed. I’ve been emailing them daily in hopes of getting a...