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    SYR Refugees to Canada (split fm SYR refugees thread)

    I've spent more time in the Kingston shacks than I care to remember, and only two things come to mind: -Most of the shacks are well past the point where a few thousand refugees, or a herd of rampaging buffaloes for that matter, could inflict significant additional damage -I've never yet been...
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    Communicating with your Spouse

    I'm female, and when I went through Basic a little over four years ago I was also much older than most of my platoon mates. I did call home most weekends, but I was generally on the phone for no more than 5 minutes at a time. It wasn't because I was so busy partying I couldn't make time for my...
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    from german army band to canadian forces band

    Actually, Germany does have a problem with this. It appears it is now possible to retain German citizenship when becoming a Canadian citizen, but it is not automatic and requires paperwork before the Canadian citizenship is accepted...
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    Officer at 16/17?

    I think it's nice to see a 15 year old who is articulate, literate and has a game plan for his life. If he does end up joining the CF, I'm sure the NCO's in charge of his training will sort out the rest  >:D
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    Comm Research

    Your guy is in for a rude surprise. That may have happened in the past, but no more. The time between when you get your corporals and when you finish your QL5 is counted as time towards your next IPC, but there is no lump sum back payment of spec pay.
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    Good Remembrance Day song?

    Wow! Beautifully done. She has quite the gift.
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    Comm Research

    It depends entirely on where you work, there isn't a standard shift for all positions.
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    Role of Officer vs job of NCM [Merged]

    You'd think so. In some trades you would be wrong.
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    The Military as a career change...?

    Materials you get from the Recruiting Centre may not be up to date. I did my BMQ (L)  last year, it was 4 weeks then, not sure whether it's changed, but I'm pretty sure it's not 10 weeks. Comm Resch isn't 45 weeks either - it's 7 weeks for the unclassified part (Phase 1) and I think around 12...
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    Cost of living in Halifax or BC vs Ontario (Ne Tech costs vs LCIS costs)

    Can't tell you about anything else, but I can tell you about the CFSCE shacks. Avoid them if possible. 4 to a room, what electronics you can have is up to your course staff. There  are some people who have big TV's, but there really isn't much space for stuff like that. Hot water has been...
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    Comm Research

    If you're still on BMQ, I wouldn't worry too much about when the next phase 1 course starts. You'll have to do your BMQ(land) - what used to be called SQ - before they will course load you on your phase 1 anyhow. At least this week. Requirements seem to change in random ways at random times...
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    RFT abolished?

    As "one of those" people, I can't stop myself from answering on this one. I spent some time on RFT after finishing BMQ because I had problems with pushups. I passed every other PO on  my first try, but the pushups continue to be a struggle. I keep working away at 'em. I don't think I will ever...
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    Question about age & joining

    I enrolled last year at the age of 50. There was a guy  a year older than me in my Basic platoon as well, and there's another in my current course. None of us  had any problems either with the other troops or the instructors. If this is really what you want to do, go for it. No one in the CF...
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    Graduation Day soon approaching.

    Holiday Inn Express is nice to stay at, if you can get your husband to make the reservations in his name you should qualify for a military discount as well. Register via their web site and the discount applies any time, if you register when you get there it's not offered on weekends. Cost of...
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    Thank you to the regulars

    After reading these boards on and off for over a year, I thought it was time to say Thank You to all the regulars who offer such a wealth of information and support on army.ca.  I never felt the need to post all through my application process, because whatever question popped into my head had...